Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something for someone close

Why are the ones closest the hardest to surprise with the perfect gift?

I am down to the last few days and my shopping time is running out for a special name on my list. I could put a proven winner under the tree. Two of an item are always better than one especially for someone very easy to please. A newspaper would be a possibility. It is an after supper ritual.

I really want a surprise under the tree. Something different.

Each day I am getting more excited about having the entire family here. We don’t have a lot of traditions. We keep it simple and fun. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in our family. It will be good.

Now, if I could just think of a perfect gift for Skye, the boxer.

Monday, December 17, 2007

In-Box or Mailbox?

The New York Time published an article Sunday, December 16, by Phyllis Korkki entitled Still Choosing the Mailbox Over the In-Box.

In the article Ms Korkki noted that today 275 million first-class cards and letters are expected to be mailed. From Thanksgiving to Christmas the USPS estimates 20 billion cards, letters, packages and other pieces of mail will be handled.

Korkki goes on to say many thought the Internet would be the beginning of the end of the USPS. Instead, the Internet, especially the online shopping aspect, has created the need for hard copy as well as a service to ship the packages. Consequently, since 2001, the first class volume of mail has remained fairly steady.

Finally, Korkki says,"...although email is now a permanent part of the communication landscape, the old-fashioned letter is far from dead...."

I agree. It is a great feeling to open my mailbox and find a letter from family or friends. I can reread it as often as I like and save it for reference later when I return the favor. And, sometimes the short three sentence notes are meaningful. My grand kids love to receive a note about something significant in their lives.

What do you think. Do you still choose the mailbox over the in-box?