Friday, November 09, 2007

We're back

from a two and a half day amazing roadtrip.

We left Wednesday morning heading north. You might think that is an odd direction to travel in November with the intent to see fall leaves. The travel plan was a compromise. I wanted to go south, down Arkansas way. Dan had good reasons to convince me to go north. He won and it was a good decision.

The trip took us up through Iowa and east to the Mississippi river. We followed the river south to near St. Louis, then along the Missouri River to Hermann and I 70 home. I will fill in the details later. I took this picture today. The Mississippi is in the background.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day two of pretending to be retired

I took the entire week off. Dan and I are doing a little road trip for a couple of the days, but I also hope to get the house in shape for the Holidays.

So far, I have the livingroom clean. If I were on track, I should be clean through to the sun porch. Obviously, I have a scheduling problem.

At any rate, the livingroom is truly clean. All furniture moved, tipped over, cleaned underneath (other than the television cabinet), and plants cleaned and repotted. Our daughter Kim told me about a new product called Cabinet Magic. She says the Lowe’s store is the only place to find it. The link is to the Lowe’s website, but there is at least one other online place that listed it. I am going haywire with this stuff. It really does make things look like new. Get some—you’ll be hooked.

This afternoon Dan has left for a job. I am strapping on my fanny pack with the book on tape entitled Bridge of Sighs by Pulitzer prize winning author Richard Russo. This will work wonders for keeping me focused. I am determined to have the kitchen picked up and windows washed by the time he returns. (I can almost hear my kids laughing as I write this) Go ahead and laugh—I have the day off and I am on a mission—I am turning the computer off.

So, without further procrastination, I will set my plan in action.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Home again

The weekend flew by--some of it through western Kansas and eastern Colorado. We enjoyed this sunset over Pikes Peak Friday evening within a half hour of our destination.

We decided on another trip to Colorado before the holidays. It is Carly's birthday today, her third one. It was a short visit, but enough time to celebrate with a picnic followed by cake and ice cream.

Unusually beautiful weather, warm with a slight breeze, enhanced our trip west. Overflow milo and corn piled high at elevators suggested a bountiful fall harvest in western Kansas. Sprouting wheat made a slight green tint over vast flat fields.

Peg at Kansas Prairie offered a welcome break of delicious homemade vegetable soup & Colorado peaches on our return trip. I forgot the jar of her hot-sweet pickles so I will have to make a batch of my own. I did make off with two Peace Lilies, though.

I am home for the week and have a long list. More later!