Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Conestoga is headed west

I searched for clothes that are appropriate for a drover's weekend--cowboy hat, boots, etc. I think we will settle on comfort. According to Peg over at her Prairie Blog, things are getting crowded in Ellsworth.

It won't take us as long as the pioneers to travel the route west along the Smoky Hill Trail from eastern Kansas to Ellsworth. Even so, our Conestoga will take 2 1/2 hours. No worry about a place to circle the wagon. We have a nice big driveway to park it in. I am excited. Check in Sunday night for a full report.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't do this if you want to stay awake

Tonight I cleaned up the kitchen and folded clothes. It’s been a busy evening. I finally fixed myself a cup of tea and came in to write a little something on my blog.

My mistake was the tea. Actually, the kind of tea. I often fix myself a cup of “Sleepy Time” tea before bed. I started to grab a bag when I saw the box of a new kind of bedtime tea.

“Bedtime Story” is marketed by Lipton. In is produced in a new pyramid tea bag so it has, “more room to infuse.” The box says it is made with real spearmint leaves and chamomile flowers. What ever is in those fancy little bags works. I am falling asleep as I type.

Seriously, try it. Guaranteed sleepiness in ten minutes.

Night night

Monday, September 24, 2007

Enjoying fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall or the fall equinox. The days are definitely getting shorter although not much cooler. Dan predicted today would be our last to run the air conditioner. We’ll see.

I look forward to fall and the cooler weather and colorful leaves. Maybe it was in my head, since I know it is now fall, but it felt different outside today. The sun is beginning is slide south which gives different look. The humidity is down so the warm day didn’t seem nearly as uncomfortable. The meadow still looks manicured and green although has hints of the golden color to come.

The animals are more active now. I watch the ditches for deer. Migratory birds are moving through. Pelicans are still here, as are gulls, buzzards, and a few barn swallows. I wonder if they are waiting for a northern tail wind to push them south. Snakes are out on the road, as are turtles. Squirrels are in a whirlwind carrying nuts to their hiding place.

Hope you are enjoying fall in your place also.