Friday, September 07, 2007

This N' That

There is a very nice video about butterflies in the Lawrence Journal World online edition today. Click here for beautiful pictures and interesting narration.

Dan is taking Aaron and Adam to the open house. I can't go because of work, but he said he would take the camera.

We were finally blessed with nearly a two inch rainfall last night. It came in with a bang. They said the winds were clocked at 60 mph.

After our evening meal, we checked the marsh tadpole mud hole to see if any survived until the rain. Unfortunately, I don't think many made it. There were a few mature frogs around and I am sure there will be more soon.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Practical or an obsession

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Several years ago, Dan was shopping in the sporting goods section of Wal Mart. He noticed camouflage tee shirts marked down to $5.00. They were good quality and they had a pocket, a necessary feature for trim work.

He bought four or five. An excellent buy.

A week later, he was back in the store. The shirts were marked down to $2.50.

He bought all in his size.

After that, if we were in a Wal Mart, we checked for camo tee shirts. They were marked down in all the stores. We even found several long sleeved shirts and camo underwear and socks!

Last week in the process of haying and running after parts for the baler, he wore two and sometimes three shirts a day. Hence, the line of camo flapping in the wind.

We laughingly thought, just for fun, we should get the camo out of the closet, hang all of it on the clothes line and take a picture.

We decided against it. Some might think we are obsessed.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Marsh is dry but still alive

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks constructed a wetland area in the valley. Each fall they pump water out of the Wakarusa River to create a marsh for migrating waterfowl. We noticed large gatherings of Pelicans drifting over the valley. I wondered if they were finding a landing place in the marshes. I decided to check it out over the weedend.

This egret was willing to poise.

Meanwhile the pelicans swirled overhead as if to say, "Look at us." My little camera couldn't capture their beautiful flight.

The marshes were dry and empty, or so I thought. There was a strange sound coming from the bottom of the marsh area. In a smelly mud hole about the side of a large kitchen there was constant movement with tadpoles and frogs. It was actually a sad sight. If we don't get rain this week, they will all surely die.

It helps to click on this picture to see the tadpoles

The frog looks like a green frog, although the range of that species does not include our area. We do have bull frogs and it is the same family. The picture is of an immature frog as it appears the tail hasn't completely disappeared. Let me know.