Friday, August 17, 2007

Rattlesnake on our front porch

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Our neighbor brought this to our house this evening. As they say, where there's one, there is usually another. Thankfully, he did not find this near our home.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I did this summer.

School started on Monday for our Salina boys and tomorrow for our Colorado boy. The buses ran for the first time today at Shawnee Heights. Most parents I talk to say the kids were ready.

I wonder if the teachers still have students write a paragraph about what they did over the summer. It would be interesting to read those. Here is mine.

My summer started with a Blue Moon. We went to Colorado in June to visit our family. Someone very important named Evan Daniel was born on June 19. Our Colorado family came to Salina to visit Evan and the rest of us. We caught a skunk but not the raccoon that ruined our bird feeder. The Smoky River Festival, Symphony in the Flint Hills, Overbrook fair, and Sue’s birthday party were fun. Aaron, Adam and Evan came to visit for a couple days.

It was hard to keep it to one paragraph. I notice family plays an important part of my summer highlights. I wonder if the paragraphs written by the first day of school students mention family often. I hope so.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Linda's tips on working in 100 degrees

Wear loose clothes--100% cotton whenever possible—especially underwear

I am inside a vehicle so I don't wear a hat. But if I have to be outside I wear a hat and sunscreen.

Eat low fat, nutritious meals, including one apple and orange a day. Keep red meat to a minimum

Carry iced tap water in a jug. Buy a sack of ice if you think the water tastes bad. In extremely hot weather, drink a glass of tepid water when you have a chance.

Pour half a bottle of Gatorade into a glass for later and add ice to the bottle. It is less sweet and is an excellent perk up. I like to let the ice melt in my mouth. Do not chew the ice—advice from my dentist.

Get plenty of sleep.

Drink beer only when cool and hydrated.

Hydrate before drinking diet soda to avoid a headache.

Keep a good attitude. Embrace the heat. Remember some people pay big money to go to a gym and sweat.

Think about how cold it will be in a only a few months.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Overbrook Fair

Everyone stood as the Boys Scouts respectfully carried the Flags.

In the distance, a cadence followed by a whistle and the school fight song.

The Overbrook Fair parade made its way down Main Street. Overbrook is a small but progressive town of nearly 1,000 located on Highway 56 in Northern Osage County. Their annual fair is a popular area event.

We enjoyed the humorous interpretation the parade theme, America's National Parks. The Red Hat Society float entitled “New Mount Rushmore” featured four classy ladies with fabulous red hats standing behind a cardboard rendition of the familiar landmark.

A local 4-H club theme was Yellowstone Float Trip. A geyser in the form of a blast of water periodically surprised onlookers. Their canoe apparently had a leak as it required someone to bale water seemingly innocent of parade bystanders

Local businesses joined in the fun as two fishermen representing the local bait shop sat on the back of their float each with a fish dangling from their poles. Sadly, one fish appeared to be Nemo.

Traditional parade entries included beautifully renovated 60s era Camero, Mustang and MoPar muscle cars. Well groomed horses pranced while their riders waved. Everyone applauded the realistic miniature Prairie Schooner pulled by draft horses. Last but not least, were the Shriners with motorcycles and “topless” cars.

Mostly absent but not missed were politicians.

After the parade, we had a typical fair meal of cheesy fries and chili dog followed by a piece of homemade blueberry pie.

The rest of the evening, we grouped our lawn chairs while visiting with friends. As the sky darkened, the carnival lights grew brighter. Grandkids in our group rode several rides while others walked over to the livestock pavilion where the pigs were on parade in front of judges. The Overbrook fair has a relationship with the Osage County Fair, but is able to give those who enter an event the opportunity to compete against friends and neighbors who reside in counties nearby.

All too soon, the grandparents grew tired and gathered the reluntant grandchildren to head home. As we walked down the darkened street to our car, youth rode their bikes, couples walked with arms about each other all with the sounds of the demolition derby in the background. Small town fairs are the best.

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