Friday, August 03, 2007

For Sale

It was only $4 for the book with an extra $3 for shipping. Profit was even less because of little fees here and there.

Still, seeing the email notifying me that the Houston Junior League cookbook had sold was exciting. It belonged to my late aunt. She had placed recipe clippings in the book. I sold it with the clippings included to a lady in, where else, Texas.

I have talked about selling on Ebay for years. Dan and I even attended an Ebay school.

The women who taught the Ebay school said it was good to start with books. They are easy to come by, easy to list and ship. I have been putting up book a day since last weekend. I have a book expiring within a few hours about Dan Quayle that isn’t going to sell, go figure. I have the Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery published in 1948 that isn’t getting much attention, which surprises me since I pointed out how "good a Christmas gift it would make for the hard to buy for person who likes to cook."

There are so many books listed that I imagine someone has to be specifically looking for a book in order for it to sell. Yet, how could anyone pass up my Time Life Wildflower book that just happens to have "beautiful watercolor illustrations."

You know how a new business will frame their first dollar and put it in a predominate place. Well, I might print out my sale and put it on my bulletin board. At least $3.50 is more than one dollar.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sheep Project 21 years ago

As promised, this is the Reserve Grand Champion market lamb 21 years ago. Doug, sorry I can't remember how you did with yours.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just like old times

We just returned from the Douglas County Fair. This is the day exhibits are entered. Twenty plus years ago this was relief time. The projects were finished and now it was fun. Tomorrow I will post a picture of Kim's overall reserve grand champion sheep from from back then.

Tonight we entered six photographs in the open class competition. They weren't all my pictures. Marc, our son-in-law, took a very nice photo of raindrops on their picnic table. Doug, our son, sent one taken from their deck last winter. It is a very nice Colorado scene.

I entered two because they were of neighbors who will be participating in the fair. I thought they would enjoy seeing themselves. I also entered a winter scene.

They all had to be 8" x 10" enlargement. I realized last Saturday afternoon the fair is this week. I went through photos, uploaded to Snapfish and picked them up at Walgreens on Sunday on our way out of town. I could have picked them up at 10:30 pm Saturday night. It is a slick deal if you in a hurry for pictures.

It is exciting to enter a competition. They only offer three ribbons, blue, red and white, per class in open class as opposed to each entry receiving a ribbon in 4-H. I will let you know how we do. Here is my favorite entry. It is too dark, but I like Skye looking regal on the bale.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sometimes it is hard to swallow

OK, I know that is pushing it a little with the title, but actually it has become an issue at our house this summer.

We have barn swallows--lots of them. I wrote about them in detail last year. As I said then, we have had these hard working little birds for a lot of years. I am sure there are less mosquitoes because of their work.

This year, however, they have taken up residence right above our garage door. Our friend Sue was here for supper and we were sitting out on the back deck enjoying the evening when we noticed a group of little heads peeking above the mud nest there. I was able to get one picture. When I moved up to get a closeup, what I thought were three birds were more like five or six, all of which have been rapping with a c right over our garage door.

Dan said he was glad to see they all could fly. He is thinking of knocking down that nest. We are pretty sure they have raised two sets of young so maybe they won't be needing it anymore this summer.

They are hard workers, though, and we might be surprised. Meanwhile, unlike a mistletoe, we don't tarry long underneath that area.