Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is creepy

My question is, do we have a problem or not. Part of the north side of our house has Virginia Creeper. Last year we had a few vines, this year it is almost scary how it has taken over.

Do we have a problem? I researched on the internet, naturally. As you might expect, there was plenty of information. The confusion between poison ivy and Virginia creeper didn't surprise me as they do look somewhat alike. I learned they tend to grow the same places, often together. However, poison ivy has the "thumb" leaf where Virginia creeper has a distinctive five to six leaflet with a saw edge.

Daves Garden web site is always interesting. He tells about the plant and then has a profile. Virginia creeper received 29 positives, 15 neutrals and a whooping 55 negatives. When I read down through the postings, it appeared most of the negatives had to do with the rashes and welts formed by contact with the plant. According to the Noble Foundation Plant forum, the fruit is definitely poisonous to humans although eaten by many animals and birds. The leaves have a needle-like crystals that can cause irritation.

The negative that scares me more than the rash is the fact that it is considered invasive. It has little suction cups on the vines that will pull off paint on siding if not removed carefully.

Here are the pictures, see what you think.

Taken from inside my office looking out the window. I like this view, it seems as if the leaves are right in the room with me.

These are the little suction cups that grip onto the siding.

We could have a problem.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Image Hosted by I made bierocks or sometimes called runzas to share at work. I posted the recipe last year here.

According to What's Cooking America
the bierock has German-Russian roots gong back to the 18th centry. It was passed down, finally making its way to the Midwest. It is particularly popular in Nebraska and Kansas.

They are always popular with my co-workers at the post office.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Look

This is the first time in almost three years that I have changed the look of my site. I thought blogger automatically saved my old site, but I was supposed to do it myself. I think I have everyone's link back up. I had added some side links to posts of interest over the years and I have lost them. I will have to go back through all my posts and find them. Not tonight.

The picture was taken yesterday morning on our back deck. I used photomerge from Adobe Photoshop to "sew" three pictures together.

I miss my old orange, though.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A resourceful goat

caught my eye today as I was delivering mail. I quickly stopped and eased back to try for a picture. The camera focused on the fence but look for the black and white goat on top of the bathtub reaching way up in the tree. It must have been the green tender leaves that caught his fancy. It also explains why they have such a high fence.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Walk and roll generation

is the phrase coined by CBS News Corresppondent Mika Brzezinski about shoe popular among young people today called Heelys, as in Heel-ees.
This shoe has a market capitalization of $800 million as of June 2007 according to Wikipedia.

Heelys look like regular sneakers, but with a wheel embedded in each sole. By leaning back on the wheel you can move about much like skating.

Our grandboys, Aaron and and Adam were here this weekend to do some fun things as well as a little school shopping. By the time they arrived, they had reaped the benefits of over six weeks of reading and alphabet practice to earn each a pair of the newest sport fad among young people.

Roger Adams invented and patented Heelys in 1998 while vacationing in California. He noticed both skaters and walkers enjoying the smooth surface along the beach.

It would have helped if we had a large concrete pad, but learning to maneuver on the Heelys is harder than the video on their web site indicates. Although, Aaron and Adam were getting the feel for it by the time they left, I am sure many hours were spent on their driveway apron and sidewalk practicing today.

As is the case for all fun things for kids, there is a safety concern. Because the shoes look so much like regular shoes, parents are purchasing them for children too young for the coordination necessary to safely use the shoes as skates. Pediatricians recommend parents require helmets especially while young people are learning the skill.

It is not often that I get a request to blog about something, but eight year old Aaron asked me to write about his Heelys. Here it is, Aaron. Be safe and have fun because as their web site says, "Freedom is a wheel in your sole."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The next time you check out our travel journal, you will see this new picture.

The kids tell us we are like old hippies traveling in our van. Thanks to Tara Beth, our niece, here we are.

The picture looks a lot like Dan. Tara, you flattered me!