Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saying it all with one...word

Dan was assembling our new grill earlier this evening while I was sitting close by reading the directions. We were about finished when he walked by and gave the aluminum front a sort of back kick and said, “chrome.”

I knew it should make sense to me, but finally had to ask. He said, “Don’t you remember we said that in high school?” Then it came to me. I couldn’t stop laughing because he had it right. We would say that word with a little kick. Sometimes it would be “hot” kick “chrome.” This was in the 60s.

I picked up a piece of packing and we starting making a list of popular one word statements. The 70s brought “Peace” with the two fingers in a V. That has stayed the course, most often used in church only with a handshake.

Of course, there is “Cool.” I still use that. Only I say it sort of like kooooll. Also “neat.” Good words—timeless.

The kids brought their words in the 80s. I am not sure of the timetable but the one that seemed to hang around the longest was “sweet,” only it was sha-wheet. Then there was “bad” meaning good. The one I still don’t know the meaning of, “word.” I assumed it meant something in the affirmative. I know I am showing my age here.

Actually, there is one I’ve picked up from the grandkids—there, I used it, “actually.” Adam started it when he was young. He would say, ak-chew-we. I like that. Well,

That’s what I’m sayn’

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A sweaty commentary

I was musing on the mail route today about sweat. True, not a very attractive topic but definitely a happening thing on days like today.

The thought occurred to me that not everyone sweats alike. I wondered about that. So, when I got home, I Googled the topic. This is what came up:

"Angelina Jolie makes men sweat."

"Cindy Crawford sweats to the oldies."

I then wondered why two hot women come up on a search about sweat…oh, yeah, “hot” women.

Further down the page, there was a web site that stated the obvious. When it’s hot and we sweat, the air cools the body temperature down. It did not answer why the other two women in my office come in wet with sweat after their routes, where as I hardly have a damp place on my shirt.

I heard once those in better shape sweat sooner. Perhaps that is true, because right now I am definitely not in my best shape.

Kathy over at Boomer Girl sweats regularly. I never wanted to admit I was old enough for hot flashes. On the other hand, it would take ten years off my age if I said I was sweating from menopause. I can’t even do that.

My feeling is how much one sweats is genetic. My parents were not prone to sweating profusely either. Interestingly enough, heat does not actually bother me so whatever the reason I don’t sweat much, I am alright.

And, there is no way that anyone else is going to sweat looking at me either.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Margarita Machine

Peg over at Kansas Prairie posted how to make a "Brain Freeze Margarita Machine." You might as well follow this link rather than me tell about it. I will say it involves a three gallon cooler and a garbage disposal. If you are thinking this sounds like a college thing--you are right.

Monday, July 16, 2007