Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trail Cam caught last night's action

The trail cam was attached to our house--looks like we have more visitors than we realize.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The 60s Rocked

Bill over at Prairie Point had a post today about 60s music. He also linked to the blog Captured Moments. There you will find a post and videos about 60s music.

I graduated from high school in 1964 when rock and roll was making its entrance on the music scene. However, I remember preferring the folk songs. There was also a country music time (Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell). At some point, everyone listened to rock and roll during those times.

Especially, these bands. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A lesson for the teacher

This was my week to spend three days at the Topeka downtown post office training new rural carrier associates (substitute carriers). Part of the joy of this assignment is meeting and spending time with a group of adults who come in from different parts of the State.

It is interesting to observe how these classes develop a group personality. This particular class of eight mixed exceptionally well. There were the usual verbal, quiet, funny, serious, and good listeners but we seemed to lack the cynic which kept the class on a positive note.

The first day of the class was fairly quiet. By second day, they socialized on breaks and lunch hours and things picked up. Today we struggled to keep the group under control.

It was today, the third day, that I began to notice one of the participants appeared a bit irritated. His usual pleasant although quiet demeanor seemed strained. By mid afternoon the class was restless. We went outside to "inspect" my mail truck and that helped. But there was still a lot of talking, laughing and general social behavior.

In the end, the class went well. Our feedback forms were excellent--except for one. Next class I think we should talk about "sidebars" at the start and minimize them as we go. In this optimistic social group, perhaps a quiet reserved person who wasn't afraid to be honest taught me a lesson also.

Raccoon 2 - Linda & Dan 0

That sly raccoon is even escaping the opportunity to have his picture published. We baited the Havahart with tuna!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bug Buffet for Tree Frogs

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Dan thought the mushroom in our backyard was a bit ominous. He likes this picture better.

Last evening as he prepared to retrieve and fill the empty hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window, there was our little tree frog sitting on the feeder rocking in the breeze. This is the same frog that "works" the kitchen window each evening. As Dan says, when the light is on there is quite a bug buffet.

A bigger frog is on the window by the table. The light isn't on there as much so it has to work a little harder. There are also two tree frogs on the window here by my computer. Just as I wrote that, I looked up and one of them snapped at a small moth that fluttered by. He missed.

They are fun to watch with their little suction cup feet.

We have the trail cam trained on the bird feeder. Tomorrow Dan is purchasing the biggest Havahart trap available. Stay turned.

The dark side of the back yard

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