Saturday, July 07, 2007

Insurgent Dismantles Vital Feeder

The top was removed and Plexiglas windows thrown aside. A reliable source reports the popular bird feeder will be rebuilt.

The garden, also a target in recent days, has lost tops of sweet corn, green beans, a newly planted grape vine and lettuce.

No war declared and no shots fired in this ongoing conflict involving two humans taking residence in the middle of a pasture formally occupied by animals.

Tracks indicate the garden intruders are deer. After loosing chief animal ally Lucy The Beagle and with backup Skye The Boxer in retirement, the deer are bolder. It appears demands of this currently protected animal will be met as they have air power not affected by an electric fence.

The status on the resolution of the bird feeder conflict is as follows. Raccoon is a suspect. The humans have established their Havahart trap is too small. They have withdrawn to set up a trailcam for recognizance. The birds are doing nothing except making a lot of noise. They hope for quick peace. They miss their deli.

This is your best source for any late breaking news on this conflict here in the Wakarusa valley.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sundown Salute

We didn’t arrive until afternoon, but in time to see the well trained canines do their tricks. The dogs were an energetic bunch and loved the attention. There was an educational aspect in that nearly all the dogs were rescued from an animal shelter or found abandoned.

We then moved to the nearby US Army exhibit. Doug, Marc and Drue all tried the intermediate climbing wall, but no bell. There was a combat video training program set up. It had realistic situations with shooting and grenades. Ft Riley is one of the training bases for the war so this game was probably too familiar for many of the soldiers attending the event.

It was warm and the kids were thirsty so we headed to the shaved ice trailer, but first stopped by the water balloon throwing game. They had little bucket type things tied to surgical tubing. If you pulled back hard enough, that balloon would fly. The kids liked it—a lot.

After the shaved ice, it was over to the tiger arena. There are few animals more beautiful than the big cats. However, they were very distracted by the noise. Their show was rather brief because of their lack of concentration. I don’t blame them for putting the dangerous animals away if things aren’t quite right, although these cats appeared tame. Again, the announcer talked about the species and the numbers in the wild and captivity.

This is a nice event. They had quality acts with something to see nearly every minute that we were there. Most of it was free. As we left, there was a live band playing. My only complaint is that it was so crowded it was hard to move about. The Sundown Salute has growing pains. However, all our kids enjoyed it and were upset when we had to leave before riding the carnival rides.

It's Late, I'm Late but It Was The Best

It is nearly midnight as I write. We are home from spending time with our entire family. Today I heard Kim blame our week old little Evan's restlessness on overstimulation, she could be talking about me.

We all gathered at our Salina family's home to celebrate two birthdays, Evan's (one week) and Dan's (63 years). We sang, blew candles, twice had cake and ice cream (once homemade). We swam, rode bikes, made a necklace out of beads, attended the Sundown Salute and watched animal shows. I took a bunch of pictures. I tried to find just one that spoke of the visit. They all did.

Families who live closeby may take such celebrations for granted. I cherish each because distance, jobs and family responsibilities limit ours. We regularly have the opportunity to watch and interact with each of our children and grandchildren individually and we look forward to those times, but when all together, they are our total joy. Our Pride and Joy.

I am often remiss in saying the obvious. When everything is good there is no need to talk about it. So, I am late in saying to my family, "Thank you for making our day with you so special."

It was the best!