Friday, June 29, 2007

Indian Statue revisited

On December 4, 2005, I wrote about an American Indian statue located southeast of Junction Ctiy. The landmark was significant to me because I remember walking up the hill to see it on our way to my cousins who lived near Skiddy. This would have been in the 1950s.

The statue was dedicated June 20, 1920, according to the Junction City Daily Union newspaper article found at the Geary County Historical Society. It was located at the top of a hill that overlooks the two valleys, Smoky Hill and Republican, which join into the Kansas or Kaw River valley. Other interesting facts are that the hill was near the old Buffalo Indian trail. There was some thought that Coronado stood on the hill. Finally, there were bones found buried on the hill most thought were those of early Indians

Several weeks ago I received an email from Dr. John Kovac, a physician in California. My blog came up in a Google search. He was recently back to Junction City for a family reunion with his wife’s family. They were looking through old photographs taken by his father, who was an Army photographer. They came across pictures of the Indian statue. He decided to try to find its location.

This proved to be difficult. The historical society told him they did not have any information on the statue. (This was incorrect because I went there personally and photocopied a lot of information.) He made several attempts to find it to no avail. Finally, he asked person who lived nearby and they pointed to a hill. It is evident by his pictures, he found exactly what I found several years ago.

Now there are two people interested in the old landmark. We have exchanged emails and information. He is interested in looking at possible restoration. I suggested perhaps I could check at the Kansas Historical Society for more information about the location.

As it turns out, Dr. Kovac and I have an additional connection. His wife’s aunt and my aunt are the same person. Isn’t the Internet amazing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Which came first--Ditch Lillies or Day Lillies?

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By LindaK at 2007-06-28

Flushed out

The conversation is good. Your friend is recounting her recent vacation over lunch. Suddenly, you overhear the couple at the table nearby and are unable to keep from listening while continuing the conversation with your friend.

Does this sound familiar? Janice Arenofsky wrote an assay entitled Conversation Pique for the blog, Boomer Girl published in the online edition of the Lawrence Journal World. She told how she is absorbed in other peoples conversations and then becomes upset when circumstances prevent her from hearing everything. My story is similar, although from a different perspective.

My friend Sue and I attended a meeting recently. At the morning break, we stayed behind briefly and then headed to the bathroom. It was small and appeared empty. Our conversation shifted to a more personal level since we thought we were alone. We washed our hands and continued to stand in the bathroom talking.

At that point, a toilet flushed. Sue and I looked at each other silently as we realized someone else was there. Our friend sheepishly walked out of the stall and we all three looked at each other and immediately started laughing.

Without saying a word, we knew what had just happened. Our friend in the stall was silent or perhaps sly because she was listening to our conversation. Trouble is, we did not walk out but continued to stand in the bathroom. We were almost late getting back to the meeting because we could not quit laughing.

We usually don't get flushed out like our friend. We think no one is the wiser when we listen in on conversations here and there. Except everyone is—or should be.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sundown Salute

is a celebration Dan and I are planning to attend next week. The Sunday Junction City Daily Union told about all the activities, including new last minute additions. The fireworks with lightning picture on the Sundown Salute web site is beautiful photography. Check it out even if you cannot attend.

The Sundown Salute is billed as the biggest free Independence Day celebration in Kansas. It will take place in Junction City’s Heritage Park June 28th through July 4th. Planners expect over 60,000 people during the seven day event.

REO Speedwagon is the headline band. Fifteen additional bands are scheduled including covers of Bon Jovi (Bad Medicine), Beach Boys (The Beach Toys), and Jimmy Buffett Live Bait). Ben Markley Quartet will provide Jazz and Chely Wright and Alton Miller, Country entertainment.

Other celebration favorites are the sand sculpture, chainsaw woodcrafters, petting zoo, water wars (water balloon flights), street dance with Outlaw Junkies, 10 K run, carnival and food vendors. Tuesday and Wednesday, July 3 and 4, conclude with musically choreographed fireworks.

Click here for more details