Saturday, May 19, 2007

True Coyote Story

As we were eating our lunch today, two coyotes came running up from the valley. They did not stop at our fence line, but continued up into our pasture. The coyote in front was heading right for our house.

Flashback: Mr and Mrs C had a cosy little den just over the hill. They built this home together and lived there for several years. Mrs C was enjoying the beautiful day as she nursed her brood. Mr C suddenly recognized trouble. The neighborhood punk was coming up the path. “OK,” he said to Mrs C, “I am going to teach that bully a lesson once and for all.”

Mrs C heard a growl and clamor as Mr C took off.

We could not believe our eyes. We thought the two coyotes were coming right into our yard. It was as if the front one was using our house as a safe place. He almost acted scared.

Flashback: Mr. C was running full speed with no real thought of what he would do if he caught the young punk. All he knew was he was sick and tired of him stealing food and terrorizing young pups.

“Wait a minute, he is so scared, he is running right for the humans house.” Mr C said to himself. “Doesn’t he know that human might kill him? I am backing off, it's not worth it.”

If the front one thought coming up close to our house would help, it did. The back coyote turned around and loped back toward the valley, turning around occasionally. About that time, another coyote came running up to the one doing the chasing. Maybe we were going to see a fight yet.

Flashback: “Mr. C, you get your mangy self back home” was all that Mr. C heard from Mrs. C as she came running up. “What are you thinking. I can’t take care of all these kids by myself.”

“Well, wait a minute, Mrs C. I just need to scratch my back feet here and mark my territory so that no good bully knows to stay away. I’ll be right there.” breathlessly exclaimed Mr. C .

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reading about writing

I picked up the link for The Simple Dollar from prairie point.There are interesting thoughts about saving money.

I also saw "blogging" as a subject in the archives list. Blogging is a fairly new form of writing and many have thoughts about how it should be done. I thought these suggestions were excellent.

Check it out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cut down on gas

Been to the gas pump lately? Actually, I have not.

Dan takes care of gasoline in our family. We use a lot of it, too. I drive around 120 miles a day with my mail truck. Dan probably drives about half that.

Gas prices are on everyone’s mind. Friends at work are talking about their vacations and wondering if they will be able to go as far as they hoped.

So, what can we do about these soaring gas costs? Probably not much. That is, unless you know someone in the cartel. No one from my graduation class is on that one.

I have an idea. It requires no equipment, no expensive hybrid car, no cooking oil for fuel.

Slow down. Yes, slow down to between 60 and 65 miles per hour. You are probably figuring now. For every hour I drive, it will take me 10 minutes longer, providing the cruise is set at 75.

What is ten minutes? Certainly nothing while talking to a friend on the phone. It's less than the total time of commercials in an hour television show. It's how long I lay in bed hitting the snooze. You see my point.

I challenge everyone to check their mpg on the next road trip. We have and it works. But, it is difficult. It takes an attitude adjustment. You will be passed--a lot.

Other than park the car, it is something we can do right away to make a difference.

Monday, May 14, 2007

An hour in my day

Note: The assignment for the Citizen Journalism class was to write about one hour in our day last Thursday. This is my contribution:

Chirp chirp tweet tweet. Sputter, sputter, fizz. A chorus through the open bedroom window with coffee pot in the kitchen as backup.

Soon a hushed piano sonata from the clock radio. Another five minutes.

The day has opened as gently as the first glint of light on the horizon. I pad to the kitchen and pour a cup of strong dark coffee. This is the process of waking on a spring morning in May.

The music muted, I retreat with coffee to my window chair and the quiet peaceful sunrise. I think about our family and hope their morning is going well. I think about other families recently affected by wind and water. I think about Skye, our boxer, because she is begging for morning attention.

I grab a second cup of coffee and head for the computer. No emails. I lean back with the Journal World. National, State, local news. Check obituaries. Plug in the player and download the pod cast on Channel 6.

I am in high gear now. Breakfast, dressed, a hug for Dan and out the door.

It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's Mother's Day so more family pictures!

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Carly and Trent
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Two more pictures for Mother's Day. Our Colorado family went for a hike today. The Momma took the picture so we have Doug with Trent & Carly. Bet that water was cold.

Mothers, Daughters and Sons

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My Mom with my sister-in-law, Ruth, and first cousin, Kaylene

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Our daughter Kim and "Evan"

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Aaron and Adam (Kim and Marc's)

To quote my Mother's Day card, "great mom's grow great kids"