Friday, March 23, 2007

The other side of the river

Last night I traveled to an area we look at daily but seldom visit. I drove to the other side of the river.

About ten years ago Gloria had a beauty shop next door to our post office. Since that time, she quit doing hair, raised and home schooled a late addition to her family, showed horses and moved to the south side of the Wakarusa River. As the crow flies, Gloria and her husband live directly across the river from us. We can't see their lights because of trees, but we do see their close neighbors.

Gloria cut my hair, but we also spent time catching up on families including grandchildren and mutual friends. We had not seen each other in ages even though she lives very close.

Rivers divide nations, states, cities and sometimes friendships. I think I will get to the other side of our river more often.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Helicopter update

Note: 33 hogs shot on Monday

Just a short post to say the air backup did arrive. The valley was blocked all day at each entrance by official trucks. I was working, but had to detour home around noon because I had a tire that was quickly going flat. Thankfully, Dan was here to change it as well as fill me in on the action.

They had a pretty good idea where the hogs were hanging out. Dan said they made one pass, all of sudden the helicopter started circling and it sounded like a war zone so they sighted the enemy. Dan also thought he heard them on the south side of the river. Wish we had one of those new slick digital video cameras. Our old 1985 model didn't do it justice.

We have no word on how many they got. Basically, we don't know much of anything, I guess. We will see if the newspapers even mention it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Those darn hogs

Another week beginning--hope those rumblings I hear result in a little precip. The helicopter is coming in tomorrow and Tuesday to shoot hogs. Cloudy, rainy weather might be good with less glare for the sharpshooter. And, on the mail route, I see more animal movement with cloud cover. From what we have been told, I think this time the Wildlife and Parks, FDA, etc. etc. have done some preplanning. Hopefully, on Wednesday of this week I will report good news.