Saturday, February 17, 2007


We are in Monument Colorado and our kids are on the train to Winterpark to ski as I write this. Dan and I are looking forward to playing with our grandkids today. There is fresh snow on the ground and we are hoping to get outside to play later.

The trip out yesterday was fun. Everything went as expected until we noticed the Smokey Hill Winery outlet store at the Wilson exit on I70. Most of you know we cannot pass an opportunity to taste a little vino. We were pleasantly surprised and ended up buying several bottles to share with our family.

Peg over at Prairie Musings often writes about eating at the Made from Scratch cafe in Wilson. Since we were so close, we ventured over there for lunch. It was delicious. The homemade boroughs--mine had BBQ pork and Dan had hamburger and cheese-- were huge--half was enough for me. We purchased four more to bring with us to share. We will enjoy them later today.

Before heading west, we took a quick tour of Wilson. It has beautiful stone buildings. The old jail appears to be made from the local post rocks.

Somewhere between Burlington and Limon we hit wind that had trucks slowed to a crawl and tumbleweeds beating on our car. At time we had complete whiteout. We finally arrived here after a slow drive even between Limon and the Springs. Thankfully all went well.

I need to tend to my charges. I will post pictures later today.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
Victor Hugo
May your life be filled with love

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two eyes in the closet

My heart has settled down. It isn't fluttering because tomorrow is Valentines Day--one of my favorite celebrations of the year. It was beating fast because I was just scared out of my wits--as they say.

I am expecting our Salina family tomorrow night for a short overnight stay on their way to Kansas City. I decided it was about time to finally put away the Christmas decorations piled on the downstairs bed.

I had a couple of larger items I wanted to store in the closet under the basement stairs. I had my arms full as I switched on the light and peered back in the closet for a place to store my things. I saw two eyes looking back at me from a black and white head. I quickly realized it was Sylvester, our "barn" cat. I wrote last November how these two cats had made a late life change. I guess they decided they deserved more in their senior years than a cold barn.

But, the storage closet--I don't think so.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What happened to Rock n' Roll?

I watched the Grammys all evening waiting for good ole Rock n' Roll. That wasn't the only thing missing. Classical had an impressive but short showing, no spiritual, very little country--not sure the Dixie Chicks current music counts. It just seemed a lot of the music sounded the same.

But then, what do I know?