Thursday, January 04, 2007

Identity Thief Guidelines and Colorado Sage

I received an email today about identity thief from Dan's cousin in Colorado. Emails may be suspect, but Roger is a knowledgeable, trustworthy friend and I feel the suggestions are especially good. Some I have not heard before and make a lot of sense.

I logged on to the Social Security Administration Fraud web site and found some of the same ideas. I am posting the article at another blog web site of mine. Identity thief is a real threat and one that has touched most every extended family.

Click here to read the article. (If the black background is not good for you, copy and paste to Word or Notebook)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's over

Twelve hour day, but the mail is delivered. I am going to bed....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Recycling the Christmas Tree etc.

We found the perfect red cedar for our Christmas tree again this year. We have a sun room with a concrete floor. I would not bring one of these messy, prickly trees into our home. Been there, done that.

We set it in a five gallon bucket of sand and water so it was in good shape when we lugged it out the door yesterday. We decided it looked too good to throw out, so we "decorated" it with hot dog buns. I saw several birds looking it over, but did not have the time to try for a picture. We were gone all day today. When we returned this evening, it was tipped over. Hmmm, makes one wonder how that happened--unless it was very windy here today.

We stayed with our Salina grandboys today as their babysitter was not available. We ended up buying sleds and sliding down the longest hill we could find in Salina--the dike on the Smoky Hill River. Aaron informed us on the way home from the outing, "I had a lifetime of fun today." If only we all could be as easy to please as a seven year old boy.

Tomorrow will be a day of mail delivery after three non-delivery days. I am fairly certain I have never had this occur in nearly 28 years of being a rural carrier.

Monday, January 01, 2007

January 1st 2007

Our Holiday is winding down, sadly. Our Colorado family left yesterday to spend the night with our Salina family to make today's drive six instead of eight hours. I hope the rest of the family enjoyed their stay as much as we did. It was fun that the grandkids were old enough to play well together and even experience the "sleeping all in one room" arrangement. Depending on who you ask, there would be conflicting thoughts on how succssful it actually was.

Checking back two years ago today, we were in Colorado and snow skiing. I think we could take all the kids if we made that trip this year. Dan and I would then have someone to ski with again--at least for one day. Then they would fly ahead of us just like our grown kids.

Last year, December 31st-January 1st found us visiting Mom and heading to Salina just like we plan to do today. Thankfully, Mom's health is still good, although her memory not. She is relatively happy as Chapman Valley Manor is an excellent care facility.

My plan was to go back over my last year's posts today and pick a few of my favorites. I'll save that for another day as my "To Do" list is too long.

Happy 2007 to all my family, friends, and even friends who might read this that I don't know. Sometime during this coming year, leave me a note.

Peace & Health