Saturday, December 30, 2006

All Good News

Our Colorado family beat the storm by leaving a day early. Our Salina family was able to get here a little early also. We hiked down into the valley this morning to an old oak tree that our kids called the "Climbing Tree." Memories made.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

There's good news and bad news

I removed the little Christmas movie as I couldn't play it myself on my desktop computer. Here is a link if you didn't have a chance to try and want to take a look. I know it played on newer models, but thought if my computer doesn't have the right setting maybe others don't also.

The bad news first. There is another massive storm moving in on Colorado which may prevent our family from making the trip from there tomorrow night and even may hamper our Salina family also. I am trying not to be too disappointed as (1.) it might work out if the storm moves off to the north and (2.) we don't want them on the road with a blizzard. We will wait and see.

The good news is we can watch the KSU bowl game tomorrow night on our television where many friends are watching in person. Thank you DISH. Also, I have tomorrow and Friday off work--maybe if everyone is able to come, I will be better prepared.

I better get back to writing thank you notes to the wonderful customers I have on my route. They are very good to me. Meanwhile, I am battling yet another round of hiccups. What's with that? Nope--no alcohol.