Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Steady Sweaters

Our family has been emailing tonight about Christmas. Well, actually, it was our kids. Dan and I ran to Lawrence to shop so I was in on the "conversation" late.

Kim just happened to mention she and Marc might like matching sweaters. I thought it is a great idea, Doug was giving them grief.

Dan and I had steady sweaters. This was high school in the early 60s, so we were still wearing bobby socks, rolled up jeans and wool skirts at DCCHS. At some point we decided to get steady sweaters to wear to a sock hop high school dance. It might have even been around this time of year because I sort of remember we gave them to each other for Christmas. Anyway, we finally found matching brown sweaters in the men's section of JC Penney's . They were 100 percent wool and bulky. I thought they would look good with a brown wool skirt. (Girls would not have worn jeans to a school dance then.)

We finally ventured out on the gym floor to dance. That's when we discovered the sweaters were way too warm--and itchy. So, our beautiful sweaters have been in my cedar chest ever since. I think I wore mine snow skiing one winter. With several layers underneath, I didn't even need a coat.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The H word

The Holidays are a reason (excuse) to break from the normal routine. I find time to send letters bake cookies and decorate. I even try to keep the house picked up and dusted as well as get more sleep. Yes, I am saying I don’t do these things too well normally.

Today as I drove around the route, I made a mental note. A list of things I normally do, but have let go by the wayside during this busy season.

First on my list is to drink more water. So often during the Holidays, other beverages take the place of water. Also, drink more water on the route. I actually think I have more energy.

Second, I am trying to limit myself to one sweet treat a day. There are so many available at home, post office and even in the mail boxes. Maybe I will be more selective and gain less weight.

Finally, I am making a menu and grocery list each week. It is just too easy during the holidays to piece on high calorie goodies and, as my Mom used to say, “ruin my meal.”

Hey, I just want to have a healthy, happy, hydrated holiday with less hassle.