Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just call me Nana

It has been confirmed. We are going to be grandparents again next June. If the baby is a week late, it will be born on Dan's birthday. Aaron and Adam want a girl.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas ornaments

I am slowing bringing boxes of Christmas decorations up from the basement. There are quite a few of them anymore. I am not sure I have ever thrown away a Christmas tree decoration.

Bear with me while I go through these boxes. Here are all the little handmade ones the kids made in grade school—some with pictures. No way, they stay. Oh my gosh, here is the box of ornaments Dan and I bought at an after Christmas sale before we were even married. They may be worth something on Ebay since they are over 40 years old. Nope, too many memories. Got to keep these post office ornaments. I will always like mailboxes and these different Santa ornaments too. I can barely get the lid off this big box full of assorted purchased and handmade stuff. This is the one I need to check. Surely, I could throw something in here away. On the other hand, all these little do dads don’t take up much space and it is fun to go through this box each year even if I don’t put it all on the tree.

Something in all this mess could surely be cleared out. OK, here is a slightly soiled, tattered one that probably should go. It is a doll-like Christmas Angel with a pink dress. When Kim & Doug were a little, I would put it near the bottom of the tree so they could look at it and move it around. Over the years, I still put the little pink Angel at the bottom for the grandkids and any other children with the thought that they, too, can touch. It stays.

Some things cannot be discarded no matter how much down sizing one decides to do.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blink and it is Christmas

Tomorrow is December 1st. A blink of an eye and it will be Christmas. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The sometimes outrageous decorations and themes of peace and love bring a different focus in my life.

Maybe it's because I love a good party, especially birthday parties, so the bright, loud and over the top preparations and activities while looking forward to getting together with family and friends are fun for me. But with all the celebrations and excitement, there is an ache down deep knowing that there are those, even close to me, that aren't able to feel as much joy and peace as the rest of us. It is for them that I wish a quietness in their heart to let it heal in the midst of the merriment.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

James Taylor and PBS

Whether you are a James Taylor fan or not, try to catch the tribute being aired on PBS. Carole King, Sting, Alison Krauss, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban and more sing James Taylor songs. His lyrics are like poems and the different singers bring them alive. There is a CD available on Amazon of the concert and I am publicly putting this on my list to Santa.

Dan and I have the closed caption on our television most of the time and I have made an interesting discovery. It is a wonderful addition to music concerts. Lyrics to songs are important to me and this way I don't miss anything the song is saying but still hear the words with the music. Try it sometime.

I am downtown Topeka with the rural carrier training this week. I am watching this first winter storm from the inside while instructing new rural carriers about their job. I am thinking about my substitute, Rick, out there on my route and feeling relief that he can do the job just fine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Z Cavaracci Jeans

I've been checking in on the Boomer Chronicles. Recently there was a post about vintage Baby Boomer clothing. I can certainly relate to those styles. However, the Z Cavaracci jeans that were popular when Doug was in high school in the late 80s/early 90s are, to me, the fad that seems most outrageous.

The jeans were called balloon pants. They actually looked better on than this picture might suggest. Doug's were black--I doubt if he would have worn this red--think he would have drawn the line there.

They were overpriced, but if the kids wanted something trendy like this, I would pay half. This policy worked well for both of us and Doug was able to purchase his jeans and wore them quite a bit, as I remember.

My friend, Sue, saved her son's Z Cavaracci jeans. If, after reading this, you might wish to go retro and purchase a pair of these classics, there is a pair for sale on Ebay right now!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lucy the Beagle

Kim (not our daughter) over at Luce Chatter wrote about taking their dogs to the pet park for a walk. It reminded me of our Beagle, Lucy.

While a student at KSU, our daughter, Kim, decided she wanted a dog. She found an advertisement for Georgia Beagle pups in the paper and Lucy became a part of our family. Sometime during Kim's senior year, Lucy came to live with us and never left.

It was within the first week of bringing Lucy home that we allowed her to run outside unattended. Within a few days, I came home from work and let her out to run. A short time later I went out to get her and she was gone. I called and called and was debating about taking off down in the valley to look for her when Dan came home from work. I met him at the door in tears. Lucy had disappeared and had probably been killed by a coyote. Dan immediately took off on the ATV looking for her. He was back in no time with Lucy on the seat with him. He had found her not too far away on the trail of a rabbit. Probably if I would have stopped yelling her name and listened, I would have heard her classic beagle call.

That was the first of her many treks looking for rabbits. For some reason, maybe that Dan found her the first time on the ATV, when he started it up, she would take off for the woods. Later when we acquired Skye, our Boxer, they would work the rabbits together with Skye racing around scaring them up and then Lucy tracking. Even though Lucy will have been gone two years this coming New Years Day, when we walk out in the pasture or woods, Skye runs as if she is looking for rabbits with Lucy. We miss her as she was a loyal friend--even though her nose was her boss.