Friday, November 10, 2006

Cleaning & Cooking day

Peg over at Kansas Prairie wrote about fixing cornmeal mush which, she said, perhaps you had to be a depression baby to appreciate. I am not a depression baby, rather a very early baby boomer, which means my parents remembered the time clearly. My Dad loved it and so did I. According to Peg, the type of corn meal makes a big difference. Wish I lived closer as I would swing by with my pure Vermont maple syrup purchased in September to pour over a piece of that fried goodness.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day but being the Federal employee that I am, I got today off. I was definitely in a cleaning mood--unusual for me. I started with the kitchen cabinets this morning. Wish I could say there are completely done, but I did make a difference in the base units. Now I won't have to stand on my head to find the Christmas pans, cutters and bowls. I miss my daughter when I start the cabinet/closet cleaning because she knows how to clean and organize like no one else I know.

I stood with the refrigerator door open at 11:00 thinking I should cook a nice lunch. The only thing in front of me were three huge Portabella mushrooms. I cooked one several nights ago slowly in butter and it was only so so. I decided to try a different approach. I washed thoroughly, cut off the ugly black back, and sliced them horizontally, then dipped the slices in beer and cornmeal fish breading. The slices were then fried quickly in hot peanut oil. Very delicious. We ate several dipped in Ranch dip and then made a sandwich of the rest, adding a fried egg. For supper we each had a big sweet potato. Just for the record, we are not vegans, but I am not afraid to go several days without meat.

To round out my day at home we watched a movie on HBO entitled The Constant Gardener. It was excellent.

Tomorrow, will KSU win against Texas? The odds makers say 17 1/2 points. Maybe I am high on my hot green tea, but I will take K State on that one.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lost on LOST

I don't watch much television. Having said that, I have been hooked on LOST from the first show and have even written about it before. Tonight was the last show until February, 2007. I have mixed feelings.

I feel the creators have kept the story line fresh by moving past the original plane crash/hatch of last season. They have linked back to that story line just enough to keep the thread. The sequence of events this fall have been a good introduction to the Others, who obviously are going to play a bigger part in the series.

I have one complaint, though. The direction the show is going right now, does not seem to have a bottom line of truth. I think we are used to that in movies, but it is resolved in two hours. This series just seems to float around with no ground. Oh, I guess we now know that Sawyer and Kate are in love. However, part of me thinks that will end up not being fully the truth. I used to think Locke was sincere in his motives, but now I am not so sure.

I think it is human nature to trust. As adults we become a bit leery, but still we want to believe at least some of what we are told is the truth. This show needs to do that for me next spring or I might be lost from LOST.

BTW, I sure hope the election has chosen a group of people who can be trusted to be telling the truth. Because there are those who are saying that is why so many were not reelected. We'll see...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad No Hair Day

Many years ago at DCCHS, Sherry was the type of person who took the role of leader naturally. She might not have realized at the time because she did not seek limelight nor use her leadership abilities to further herself. She was talented, outgoing and interested in other people. Even though she was a "towny" she welcomed this shy country girl.

That was 40 years ago. Tonight we spent three hours catching up on what has happened between. Just as in high school, Sherry has led an interesting and eventful life. She is Dr. Sherry now with a PhD and position at a state college. She has two successful children. You might have seen one in a Ford commercial on television as he is a working actor in California. Her most important and recent accomplishment, however, is her successful battle with breast cancer.

We visited about her year long journey. She honestly talked about the difficulty of working through the treatments, side effects and adjustments of the surgery. We laughed about her own take on a book about chemotherapy, "Don't bother me, I'm having a bad no hair day." Then, we moved on to children, pets and politics. So is life.

Monday, November 06, 2006


My brother & sister-in-law's Great Pyrenees mix had a litter of puppies. We received the announcement by email today. They didn't say, but I am not sure they were expected--at least not seven of them!

They live by a busy road, at least by rural standards. It is one of the routes to Milford Lake. Over the years they have nearly always had dogs that have been dumped, Gracie is no exception. She has made herself at home and often is found out with the cattle. Once in a while she wonders on to the road and they fear not only for her, but for the vehicle that might hit her. She is big.

Meet her new family, and as the email said, just in time for a Christmas present.