Thursday, November 02, 2006

Skye and the Cat and Mouse Game

Skye, our Boxer, and Kitzie and Sylvester, our two cats, have maintained a shaky friendship. Perhaps they actually aren’t friends, but three animals who like us and especially like us when we feed them.

Skye has always thought it was her responsibility to protect our house from the two cats. If they ventured too far away from the barn, she could intimidate them by a cold steady stare or an occasional halfhearted chase back. They seem to accept their roles of barn cats and enjoy the game.

All was well with the animal family, until we left for two weeks and took Skye to the dog sitter. The cats stayed and guarded the place, including Skye’s garage, and things have not been the same since we returned. As hard as Skye tries to keep them out, the cats are always slipping in her garage. Her cold stares just do not work as well anymore. Well, they probably would work, but she doesn’t want to take the time necessary to persevere. She rather lay in the sun on her pillow than keep the cats in line.

So, when I opened the door out to the garage around 9:00 pm and both cats were sitting there staring at me, I knew they were seeking a COA (change of address) from the barn to the garage. And, they not only were in the garage, but thinking about coming right on in the house. Meanwhile, Skye barely opened an eye from her pillow. It’s not that I don’t like our two kitties, but they were just fine living in the barn. I used to yell at Skye to leave the cats alone; now things are a little too comfortable. The winter is coming, I am afraid with our barn cats liking the garage, the mice will now like our barn, and the food chain just moved up a notch.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Persimmon Jam

Hmmmm This would be a good name for a band, but that's not my subject--edible persimmon jam is.

We purchased acreage near our home over twenty years ago. At that time there were four persimmon trees, two male and two female. I asked Dan how he could tell that information and he said the male has three flowers and the female has one, and only the females produce fruit. I guess it has been a happy marriage between our two couples as we now have five large trees and a bunch of little ones.

The Persimmon tree and its fruit turns out to be a fairly reliable weather forecaster. If the seed is hard, then hard winter; if the seed is soft, mild winter; if the seed is spoon shaped, lots of snow. This site had many medical uses for the fruit and the tree itself.

Dan decided this year to make jam with persimmons. He picked, cleaned and ran them through the colander. We then added 1/2 cup lemon juice, a cup of water, six cups of sugar and cooked. We ended up with seven small jars.

Is it good? Good question because I am not sure. I have been trying to think how to describe it. Maybe like a very dry wine, not the taste, but how it makes my mouth feel. I told Dan we probably should have hung the pulp and drained the juice for jelly.

How were the seeds? One got caught in the garbage disposal and it was very hard.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Down but not out

Blogger, my Blog posting site, has been down for a while. I was beginning to worry all was lost, but it appears I am back in business. I have changed over to a beta version (no clue what that means). This should be more reliable. We will see.

Meanwhile, I must get to bed. Nothing great to post tonight, just that I am alive and well and back in the business of blogging--see you tomorrow night!