Friday, September 15, 2006

Click on the picture of the sunflower and butterfly at the left or here for our travel journel. My first entry might not be until Sunday. Looking forward to sharing our trip.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leaf Peepers

Yep, that’s us—Dan & I are loading the Roadtrek with warm clothes, hot drinks and plenty of maps because we are headed to New England.

The plan is, if we can get our house sitter arranged, to leave on Saturday morning. We are meeting friends in Maine on Tuesday, the earlier in the day the better, so we are hoping to get across several states by Saturday night.

This is the first extended trip in the Road Trek and we are excited. Of course with our short trips to our kids and my brother’s driveways, the KSU game and the Amana colonies, I think we have the kinks out. We haven’t had it out in the cold weather we will most likely experience in Maine, but it can’t be any worse than the 38 degree Venture van night in New Mexico last winter. At least we won’t have to bear it in an outhouse!

When I told Stephanie, a former travel agent, now a substitute at our post office, our plans she laughingly said, “So, you are joining the silver-haired leaf peepers.” Well, Step, we might be peeping, but we are just salt n’ pepper…..

Monday, September 11, 2006


It does not seem like five years ago this morning that we were preparing to return home from Colorado Springs after a visit with our son & daughter-in-law. We were loading luggage when we received a call telling us to turn on the television because there had been an incident in New York. We then witnessed a scene that to this day almost seems unbelievable, the magnitude incomprehensible.

We spent that day driving home and listening to the radio. We alternated between weeping and feeling angry. At each stop for food or fuel, the people were quiet and somber. At one gas station there was a man laughing and talking loudly. It seemed totally out of place. Most gas stations raised their prices a couple cents, but one in Junction City hiked something like a dollar—how crass. All planes were grounded and we remarked how silent and clear the skies were.

In the days after the disaster, I watched news coverage whenever possible. The heroism of the firefighters, police and other public workers still touches my heart. I purchased the tribute music CDs as the words of the songs were meaningful. President Bush’s strong words were a comfort. We needed to hear what he was saying. Bill Caspar, a friend from childhood and co-worker when I worked summers Central National Bank, was killed when the first plane hit. The Junction City Daily Union wrote about him today.We had lost track of him, but the news from his family reached us quickly. It even was as close to me as the anthrax scare in the Postal Service.

Families are still grieving their loss of loved ones and many workers on the scene after the disaster are suffering health problems. I heard an interview today saying the American people should expect another terrorist attack. Our life will never be the same since this day five years ago.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The weekend included the Huff and Puff Balloon Rally, KSU Football and an overnight visit with Grandboys. This probably wasn't the best picture I took, but I love candid shots that capture personalities. It was a good weekend.
picture by Linda