Friday, September 01, 2006

I dismount to deliver a wheelchair bound older lady who encourages me to pick some of her fruit each time she sees me. So, I have a snack from her pear tree every day. I sat it on the dash to deliver the next box and thought it looked appealing. It was juicy and perfect on-the-tree ripe. Enjoy!
Picture by Linda

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Armadillo sighting

Another quick post about Dan's ability to see things on the road. We were on our way to the family reunion Sunday morning when he had another road kill sighting. Instead of putting on the brakes and backing up, we made a U turn at the next opportunity (four lane road) and went back to check it out.

Just as Dan had thought, it was an armadillo. It was out of its southern United States habitat, but the web site at KSU said they have been spotted this far north. There is also the possibility it was a pet that was released. I did not take a picture because of the condition, but it definitely was an armadillo.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Did you see that?

Dan has “a little” hearing loss. He has worked around power tools for years and only until recently done so with his ears unprotected. When he turns on the screaming power miter saw, I wonder how he hasn’t lost more. Of course, there are those who say he can hear all he needs to hear--hummm.........

Well, anyway, if there is any truth that when one sense is lessened, another becomes stronger, it would explain his keen eyesight. Actually, he has always had the ability to see things that seem invisible to me. We have a large picture window by our dining table and we both look at the same view. I see trees, grass, the hummingbirds at the feeder and barn swallows swooping around the field. Depending when we are looking, he sees among other things deer, turkey, raccoons, cranes, skunks, beaver, coyotes and even pigs. He just has a knack for seeing wildlife. Maybe all men do because it is part of their history of hunting and gathering.

All of this explains why I wasn’t surprised when we were coming home from a family reunion Sunday, he suddenly slams on the breaks and exclaims, “What was that on the road?” Of course, I did not have a clue because I was either dozing or daydreaming. He says, “I’ve got to see what that was.” I knew at that point, we would be backing up on a paved road that carries a fair amount of traffic. I quickly scrambled for my camera, because usually when we do the back up/turn around to see what is on the road thing, it is worth a picture. This is what he saw driving down the road at 55 mph.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Night School

Dan and I attended an ebay school tonight. We are now convenienced we are set to make some bucks.

Actually, it sounds like fun, but I don't think we will get too carried away. To do it right, it is time consuming. The two girls who taught the class are real pros. It was interesting to hear where they found the products to sell. Of course, they attend garage sales and the second hand stores. They also shop end of the season sales of name brand clothing and wait until the next season to list.

I have purchased on ebay for a number of years, especially unique handbags. I have never signed up to sell, though, because I didn't really know what I was doing. We learned a great deal tonight about what does and does not work. I especially appreciated learning how to best set up the site and what kind of pictures to post.

We were given a large box of recipe books after my aunts auction. Maybe I will try selling one of those to see how it goes. Will post the link when I do.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

40 Years Ago

We attended Kayzie & Lynn's 40th anniversary party Saturday. It was a well-planned, fun afternoon. This is a picture of a picture of the newlyweds getting ready to take off for their honeymoon--aren't they cute?

I did not check the newspaper account of their wedding, but I suspect it went something like this: "For her going away outfit, Kay wore a white wool dress with matching jacket trimmed in red. She wore a red beaded pill box hat to accompany her red bag and pumps. Lynn took her white gloved hand in a dark gray business suit." Yes, they actually put all those things in the wedding writeup, especially in a small town. We wondered why Kayzie selected wool to wear in August. Probably because it was white--back then we only wore white in the summer, with the change to darker colors on Labor Day.

Finally, I wanted to share this picture because in the background on the left you see the married only two and a half months, Dan in the skinny tie and me in a green wedding- party dress in a style that almost looks current.

Happy Anniversary, Kayzie & Lynn!