Friday, August 11, 2006

Sunset from Thursday night opposite the rainbow. There is a big bale in the foregound.
Picture by Linda

Thursday, August 10, 2006

We received a quarter of an inch of rain this evening. It was still drizzling while we sat on the east porch and watched this beautiful rainbow develop. This picture is merged but the tree in the center was the common point so the perspective is correct. The golden left side was catching more of the setting sun. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What is this?

I headed out the door with it on. If you look closely, you will see that it is made from jeans (or probably overall) legs split open. Two openings were made and trimmed with bias tape. I have no idea when Mom sewed this for me, but I would guess it is around 40 years old.

Give up? This is a clothespin bag. Mom always had one, and as I remember, hers were made out of colorful flour sacks. Back then, every bride received a homemade clothespin bag as a shower gift.

Not the coolest accessory, but can't beat its usefulness.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Tally

Seven pairs of socks hung to dry.

Several weeks ago I was throwing wet clothes into the dryer on a very hot Saturday afternoon. Dan walked by and suggested I wait until after the sun went down to run the dryer. I bristled a bit, but knew he had a point. I think the electric company figures cost by a meter's highest usage or something like that.

His reason for telling me to wait turned out to be something entirely different then peak usage. I probably would have never thought of this, although it makes all the sense in the world. A house is an environment within itself. When the dryer is running, all the air that is blowing out of the exhaust is replaced with hot outdoor air, probably around doors or windows or if someone opens a door while the dryer is running, more air than usual comes in to replace the outgoing.

This all might seem minor, but he convinced me. I have been either hanging clothes on the line or putting things in the dryer when the outside air drops to something below 85 degrees. Somehow, this summer with the unusually high temperatures, the oil supply, and the Middle East unrest, it seems as if we should do all we can to conserve.

By the way, note that my Mom taught me how to hang clothes on the line. All facing the same direction, neatly spaced, and like things together. It is a thing of beauty to look at a clothesline full of clothes hung properly--and they smell so good
Picture by Linda

Monday, August 07, 2006

Let's be educated

“Concealed carry law makes gun sales soar,” was the headline in the Lawrence Journal World yesterday. Interestingly enough, Peg, a KU grad and interested in all things Lawrence, remembered my post about concealed carry and sent me a link to the article.

According to Mike Belt, LJW reporter, since the applications for concealed carry became available July 1st, the attorney general’s office had received 446 and it seems there is no end to Kansans lining up to buy guns and learn how to shoot them. Belt went on to say 250 people currently are certified to teach the required class. Finally, the article said, based on experiences of other states, Kansas could issue up to 25,000 licenses over the next couple of years.

Does concealed carry reduce crime? A Google search on the question found over one million sites. A Google Scholar search resulted in over twelve thousand articles written on the subject. It is a huge debate with just as many opinions. Belt's article had 90 on line comments when I last checked.

Here is my concern. Without a doubt, the number of individuals who will have guns either in their possession or in their homes will be increasing. The gun shops confirm that. The State is requiring a class to carry these guns. Education is good. I just hope all adults will be responsible with not only how to use a gun but also where they store this deadly weapon. I hope that the education class will cover all aspects of gun ownership. I know my family would be safe with any guns they might own
, but would the families of friends of my grandchildren be as responsible?