Thursday, July 06, 2006

Glacial granite

Skye and I were walking the trail behind our house tonight when I spotted a grasshopper on a rock. I quickly focused my camera with the closest setting. As will often happen with digital pictures, when I put the image on the computer and brought it in even closer, it was the background rock that caught my eye not the grasshopper which can hardly be seen between the blades of grass.

Most of the granite rocks in our pasture have a red or pink tint and are fairly plain. This one exposed additional pieces of quartz as it made its journey from the north. I wrote last year about the valley and its interesting history of glaciers. That story can be found by clicking on Wakarusa Geology.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One more about the 4th of July

As a rule, we don't buy fireworks, but we enjoy the productions. Topeka has a beautiful program, but it comes with a huge crowd. Several years ago, we were in Garden City visiting our Salina family who lived there then and were headed back the evening of the fourth. It seemed each small town had a fireworks display. We wondered if they timed them so people could drive to see each as we did.

Saturday we watched the fireworks put on by the local neighborhood church. As I said earlier, it was very nice and we enjoyed the fellowship. Last night, we thought we would relax at home and listen to the distant celebrations. However, after several calls from friends asking if we were going to the Lake of the Woods where long time friends and former neighbors live, we decided, why not. I had the ingredients for homemade ice cream so we fixed our gallon and half freezer and took off.

It was a spectacular display with lots of loud noise and beautiful big balls of color. Although not set to music, we sang patriotic songs or listened to Laura sing. She has a beautiful, soulful voice that just fit the occasion. It was a true celebration.

We had seriously considered a trip back to Junction City to see their fireworks program. It would have been a long drive back home and we both had to work today. One reason we would have liked to see that display is that the whole show was set up on my nephew’s flatbed semi trailer. We had an opportunity to see it when we were home last Sunday. They put missiles down each tube and then are
detonated by a person with earphones listening to the music played over the local radio station. Rod has helped set it up the past few years and they have had nearly zero failures. One of these years, we will get to see what takes him and the people who put on the program almost two days to set up.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A perfect 4th of July personal tag seen on I70 today
Picture by Linda