Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Out the back window

My kitchen window overlooks the valley at a distance and our wildflower path and bird feeders closer. Just now I was looking out that window while drinking a glass of ice water and eating a few of my end of the workday weakness, Goldfish.

I observed the following: Red Winged Blackbird, Eastern Phoebe, Yellow Finch, Tree Sparrow (I think), one Ruby-throated Hummingbird on the clothesline & one at the feeder, the bully Blue Jay, and a plethora of Barn Swallows. There were several Carpenter Bees that we are trying to get rid of, our Boxers (one ours and one we are keeping for the kids), and assorted hornets etc. Later on tonight, as we do most every night, we will probably see Meadowlarks, Bluebirds, Vultures circling on the thermo above the trees, a Blue Heron standing in the pond, and a few deer wandering around eating the new grass shoots. We will also see that crazy Red-headed Woodpecker that sneaks up the porch railing to grab some sunflower seeds. If I am lucky, I will see the pair of quail and the bunny who doesn’t seem to be the least bit afraid of the two dogs and barn cats. Overall, it is just another busy day behind our house. We sometimes look at all of it without seeing. It is easy to do because it is the routine of our small bit of the valley.

This morning there was a totally different sight that brought me out of my early morning, first cup of coffee stupor. Dan was at the front door letting the dogs out so I have no one to verify what I saw. I could not get to my camera fast enough so no picture backup. What did I see?

Directly behind our house, at 6:00 am, there were four medium sized feral hogs!!!
Don’t know the background? Click here: Feral Hogs and Wakarusa Valley.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's what's inside

I took a package to the door today. The owners had completed a beautiful landscaping project. It looked nice, but also something about it made me want to spend a little extra time enjoying their handiwork. It did not have a fancy waterfall or exotic flowers, but rather a collection of common wildflowers and rocks. They made it look very natural.

Several of the rocks were sliced exposing a fascinating interior. One I am sure was a geode, at least the outside of the rock looked that way, and the inside was crystals. I could not identify several others. The exterior of one was round, which made me think of pablo and his round rocks.

Continuing down the road, I thought about the rocks and how ordinary they looked on the outside and yet so beautiful on the inside. How many times do I make judgments based on the exterior without really knowing what is in the inside. It is very easy, especially when I have a preconceived notion. All adults are guilty. Only young children are pure and it does not take long for them either.

You might be thinking I am talking about judging people. It certainly applies. Actually, though, I was thinking about food (it was close to lunch)—if I see a steak I think beef, not deer, wild pork or buffalo. Same goes for fish—Walleye, Crappie—I don’t like anything “fishy”. Then there are those Mountain Oysters. Maybe I’m missing something beautiful in the middle there. Maybe I need to examine my preconceived notions.

Maybe the whole rock thing started because it was the first day of summer & it feels like it should be over.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Water, please

I just poured myself a glass of water—yes, water not iced tea, pop, beer or Gatorade. It was a hot day here and I was out in it for six hours. I came home with a headache, which probably meant I was a bit dehydrated.

I have a regiment for drinking fluids. It starts with coffee first thing in the morning. I set the timer on the coffee pot so I only have to walk to the kitchen for the anticipated first cup. From there it goes to grape juice (real purple—good for the heart), tea (hot or iced depending on the season) and water. I drink all this early so that when I leave the post office around 10:00 am, I am not immediately looking for a wide tree.

The key to my daily drinking schedule, though, is the water. I carry it with me year around and tend to stop and drink at the same place every day. This time of year I drink twice as much during the day—or try to. Today was a busy in and out of the car delivery day and it did not dawn on me until late this afternoon, when the headache started and I was feeling sleepy, that I needed to drink more water.

Sometimes when it is hot, the sports drinks are great. It almost seems as if I can’t get enough water and the slightly sweet drink is a thirst quencher with a little energy boost.

So, if anyone suspects that I am a drinker, this time of year especially, I am.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yeah, it's go'in to rain.

It's Father's Day weekend and in thinking about my Dad, one of his many many observations about the weather came to mind yesterday, "If there is a chance of rain, it is a good time to fish."

Checking out the territory....


...and it rained last night.