Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maybe, if I'm real quiet, they won't bother me.
Picture by Linda

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weekend goals

This morning over coffee we made our list of goals for the weekend. As usual, we have more than we will ever get done. One of them was to camp out one night. At least one will be completed.

Trimming the front bushes is high on my list and anyone who has been around me lately knows I am adamant about that. I took this picture last fall. Visualize spring rains to encourage even more growth.

Tonight we worked on three of them. They look a bit odd right now with two hornet nests and one bird nest to work around. However, tonight Dan will eliminate the hornets. I will live with the branches around the eggs. I just hope the momma comes back.

I finally had to quit because the flies were eating me alive. My Dad always said it is going to rain when the flies are biting. I didn't think rain was in the forecast, but Dan says it is flashing outside.

We came in, cleaned up and settled down to watch the taped two hour episode of our favorite show, LOST. Actually, it is more my favorite than Dan’s right now. He wrongfully said he would never watch it again when they killed off Ana Lucia. Thankfully, some unresolved questions were answered tonight. It appears the hatch is a done deal—well, I know that because I read it on line. Our VCR tape ran out just as the hatch was beginning to blow. My heart was beating, I was literally on the edge of my chair and click—not the hatch but the machine shutting off. It was worth a good laugh and had me running in to the computer to find someone who blogged it.

Tomorrow, a day off work and a day of catching up around the hatch…..I mean the house.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oxeye daisies are blooming in pastures and roadside ditches all along my route right now. They bring joy to my day!
Picture by Linda

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rolling Hills Zoo

Our celebration of Aaron's birthday included visiting the Rolling Hills Zoo. We passed exit 244 of I70 where the zoo is located many times, usually remarking we should visit sometime. We finally did and highly recommend this hidden treasure among the rolling hills of central Kansas.

Several decisions had to be made upon arrival. First, we decided to only visit the zoo. They have a museum also, but with two young boys we saved it for another time. The second was whether to ride the trolley. We decided a narrative would be educational on our fist visit and was definitely worth the $3. We did learn about the animals and the docent had timely statistics.

The exhibits were natural and very large. We saw very few cages, although they were present so the handlers could clean the pens. One of the pen's viewing area was reached by a tunnel with the viewing area consisting of a bubble in the middle of the pen. There were opportunities to feed the animals and to even see animals resting behind rocks or trees. We spent several hours and will definitely go back. They have a large picnic area and playgound for those who want to bring lunch.

The focus of the not for profit zoo is education and preservation. They are doing both well.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Birthday , Aaron

Aaron is celebrating his 7th birthday on their new waterside. I was able to go down and instead of stopping in the little pool at the end, went right on off. So did Kim. It was all pretty funny and the boys had a good time.