Friday, May 19, 2006

Mailbox mouse aka Stuart Little

Last year I had this same visitor--you can read about it here.

Looks like he has quite a house. You might say it is first class!

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stone fence

I enjoy looking at the many stone fences on my route. I don't normally go by this fence, but currently have a detour while a bridge is being replaced and this is along that route. It is by a older farm house and is a working fence; meaning, there are cattle in the corral behind. It struck me as a step back in time. I have posted other pictures of rock fences here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Barn Swallows

We are blessed with Barn Swallows and have been for the past five plus years. They work from sun up to sun down gathering mosquitoes and other small obnoxious flying pests and let us know they are happy to do it. We hear their chirp most anytime during the day.

Who knows how many babies they have in one season under the overhang of our metal building. We suspect more than several. They arrive on schedule each spring about the same time as Purple Martins and leave each fall the same. We have often wondered if the birds that return each year are the same family. In the spring before the entire group arrives, there are scouts. We think they fly back to tell the group there is still a place for them here.

There is a sizable downside to the Barn Swallows. I guess it is because they spend so much time eating that they have so much to eliminate. It is quite impressive, if you are into evaluating that sort of thing.

Two days ago, Dan parked our new RV under the overhang. He was careful to pick a spot where no nests were directly above it. He didn’t calculate their flight pattern, however. Last night we decided it was time to take action. We now have a tarp hung above the RV as a sort of canopy or lowered roof. It has ties and lines to keep it suspended, quite impressive we thought.

Tonight when I went out to check, the little Swallows where happy campers. They were lined up on the ties and edge of the tarp singing away. It appears they prefer facing out, though, so the tarp will catch their perpetual backdrop and the ties are away from the van.

Score: Barn Swallows 1, Dan & Linda 1. So far it’s a draw.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Favorite mailboxes

Bill of Prairie Point asked me if I had a favorite mailbox. I also had a very nice response from one of the many readers of Peg at Kansas Prairie Blog. This prompted me to start looking for mailbox pictures.

I have spent years taking pictures of the mailboxes on my route and haven't taken the time to group them together. I save pictures by year and month. This isn't the time of year for a project, but I am tempted.

One favorite mailbox is on the upper left corner of my page. This box could be on a Hallmark card. In fact I did use it for my Christmas cards last year. The owner is an interior designer and I think she planned the total look as a first impression of her home.

After giving it a little thought, though, I do have a very favorite mailbox. It is rather plain, but there is something about it that makes me look forward to seeing it each and every day. It might not be easy to detect so you might have to look hard.

Anyone want to guess why I like this box the best?

The reason I like this box the best is......

it is the last one on the route!

Monday, May 15, 2006


We returned a while ago from Salina. We had a fun day with our grandboys while helping out our daughter and her husband with babysitting. Our plan was to attend the Rolling Hills Zoo near Salina, but couldn't fit the zoo in before Kindergarten. Instead we decided to swim at the Y. We quickly discovered one of us had to accompany the boys in the water so it was on to Target for a swimsuit for me. Of course, the boys aren't one to pass on a good deal when they see it, so it was a toy each for them.

After school, it was on to the pool. Our oldest is quite the swimmer, having participated in a swim club all winter. The youngest kept up just fine with his life jacket on.

On Sunday, we visited Mom at Chapman Valley Manor on our way to Salina. She was feeling good as earlier she was visited by her newest great grandson. I think I know how she felt. It feels good to be surrounded by family--the more generations the better.

Sunday, May 14, 2006