Friday, April 21, 2006

This domestic turkey put on quite a show in front of me today. When I stopped at the mailbox, he came toward me and then started his show. I think there was a female nearby and he didn't want me there. Notice the red comb
Picture by Linda

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanks Road Repair Guys

The road repair crew has been working on the gravel roads on my route for several weeks. The roads had been neglected because under the jurisdiction of Shawnee County, there was always something more pressing. Recently, the work has shifted to the townships which is helping to get things in shape.

They are very patient with me. I approach and it seems as if a sea of trucks, loaders and bobcats part in unison and let me through. There are always waves and smiles. Today as I approached a mailbox I noticed they had pulled it out of the ground. They were busy digging a hole. It happens to be one of the worst boxes on the route--the lid wouldn't close, it slanted forward so the mail slipped out, and it was too low. One of them asked me if 42 inches from the ground to the bottom of the box was correct. I said that would be perfect. As it turns out there are replacing that terrible box with a new pole and box. (I guess one of their machines hit it). I was thrilled.

Tonight I have made a recipe of Dan's Favorite Oatmeal Cookies for them. They are good to me year around. It is a relief to see them ahead of me during or after a snow or ice storm. Actually, these cookies are a very small token of appreciation. Thanks guys.

Note: The recipe was posted here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Walk in closets

We built our current home in 1978. It was our third house as we had used the housing boom of that time to build and flip. I felt sure this would be our last house as our kids were getting to the age where we needed to settle down. The house was our own design with the back facing south so all the living is done on that side to take advantage of the solar heat. Then we had to fit the three bedrooms on the north side. Everything about this house is great, except for one big thing--walk in closets--that is, we don't have any.

When we built, the closet space seemed adequate. All my life I had shuttled clothes around with the change of seasons. The average home of that time didn't plan for big closets like the new bigger homes do now.

I have winter clothes still in my drawers and closet, but summer clothes in the labeled boxes in the basement. I get up in the morning and listen to the weather. Then I decide if I run downstairs and dig in the box or wear something out of the closet. At some point, I will have a pile of sweatshirts on the floor with shorts ready to take their place. One of these days, I am going to throw everything out and start over with just a few items for each season.

Yes, but what about the KSU sweatshirts and the long underwear and ski pants for mail delivery in winter. I can't get rid of the t-shirts from sports, colleges and vacations. Then there are Dan and my "steady sweaters" from high school (wool, 40 plus years old and no moth holes). Swim suits, shoes, stocking hats.... Nope, can't throw it all away, I just need a big walk-in closet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm being watched....

I have a disabled customer. As I walked to the door with his mail, I heard a commotion on the roof of his barn. I couldn't believe it--there were my illusive buzzards! One flew off when I pointed my camera so there were two pair. Maybe they will nest closeby.
Picture by Linda

Monday, April 17, 2006

Interstate 70 dreamn'

Dan and I have made the trip to Colorado at least four times a year for nearly ten years. Our son moved there after graduation from college. Our daughter & her family also lived there for a while. Consequently, the trip from the Topeka area to Colorado Springs is routine, or I should say we have a routine.

It is a seven hour drive out and eight hours back. We try to leave home no later than 5:00 pm. However, we have driven all night to arrive in time for breakfast. We quit that when we started mobile backpacking. Then we drove until we both were sleepy & pulled off on a rest area. (The kids think we are crazy, by the way). We have also left at 2:00 or 3:00 am. The trouble with that one is we have to have everything loaded when we go to bed and I am never quite that organized. Now that Kim & family live in Salina, we enjoy a stop there as a sleep over or a nice visit.

We change our watches and the car clock to an hour ahead as soon as we leave home and reset when leaving Colorado. We eat at McDonalds and always order the double cheeseburger special with supersize fries and drink and have dessert at the McDonalds at Limon if it isn't too late. If we are on the road in the morning, we have the Big Breakfast with pancakes at McDonalds. There are no shortages of McDonalds between here and Colorado Spgs. When we first started making the trip, I thought I wanted to eat at small town places along the way. Doing that is fun, but ultimately, we are in a hurry and McDonalds is fast and salty which makes us drink more (very important to avoid altitude headaches).

Along the way, we look at cars and discuss which ones we like. We speculate about the out of state tags and where they are headed. In the fall we count road kill deer and wildlife any time of the year. We watch for our friend's trucking company 18 wheelers and always look to see if it might be him. We know all the rest stops and which are the cleanest. Actually, Dan and I enjoy the trip out and back a great deal. I always take a magazine and never read it. We talk between naps the whole way. We have only been caught once in a blizzard and had to stop at Colby for the night. Even that was an adventure worthy of another post.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Week--ended

Beautiful weekend! Sorry Doug & Drue--should have taken that family picture just as we were ready to leave!