Saturday, March 25, 2006

This N' That

So that anyone reading this doesn't think that the tax man really did get me, I am posting a brief note.

Since my Salina family grandsons were on Spring Break this past week, I took off for their home on Thursday after work. We worked in a heavy day of play yesterday. Unfortunately, it was too cold to do much outside. I guess we could have bundled up, but opted for McDonald's playplace instead. We also made greeting cards for their cousins and great grandmother. I am not sure who had the most fun, but the time flew. Now I need to play catchup on some routine jobs here at home. More later!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A little snow

The snow came but it wasn't a storm--just a dusting. It was beautiful this morning because the wind finally disappeared and the snow frosted trees and fences. Even though it was more like winter today, I spotted a turkey buzzard. I wondered if it had just recently arrived because it seemed tired and a bit disoriented. True to form it was working on a roadkill squirrel.

I have always felt these large birds were ugly. I checked my bird book and was pleasantly surprised to find a social, clean and friendly bird. They have a unique ability to neutralize bacteria. They roast in the same trees each year and enjoy an active social life. They are a majestic bird in flight and we do often see them soaring in the valley. Perhaps this will be the year I will get a picture.

I also captured this Finch this morning. It actually is an American Goldfinch. They are starting to acquire their summer gold. A welcome sight in this wintry morning.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My calendar says "Spring Begins." The rain is good, the ice melted by this afternoon. We'll see what tonight brings.
Picture by Linda

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Give the gift of life

The Berryton UMC had a blood drive today. One of the church members was a long time blood donor, but due to illness and multiple medications he can no longer donate. In order to help the cause, he cooks a corned beef and cabbage dinner for the church's blood drive. I salute him for this excellent idea, especially when I am a part of his delicious endeavor.

Dan and I are regulars at the blood donation center. I have a three gallon pin and Dan is close behind. There is no way we forget when we are due to donate because the phone is ringing with a plea of ,"your blood type is nearly depleted." More people have my type than any other--O Positive--so I am in demand.

The process of donation is easy and private-- in and out quickly. Today was different. The donation chairs were out in the middle of the floor of the Family Life Center of the church on full display. There was a line and a wait. I knew everyone in the room (other than those taking the blood) and watched two different people become very pale. It started to work on me a little. I thought, how would it be to have a three gallon donation pin and pass out cold right in front of a bunch of friends. Usually, they thread the needle into the vein on first try--not today. I thought she was doing liposuction on my arm with the in and out motion trying to find the vein. Of course, I didn't have to watch, but I like to see what is being shoved into my body. I looked out over the group waiting, told myself to get a grip, and dutifully squeezed the sponge while my blood flowed into the pint bag.

All ended well. I settled down, gave my donation easily and received my free shamrock necklace and March Madness t shirt (picture of a basketball with "Get in the Game, Give Blood" written over it).

For all who are eligible to donate and don't, please consider. It really might save another person's life.