Friday, March 17, 2006

I attempted to post this photo three times last night. Thanks Chip for this fantastic picture of Widgeons. Their beautiful streamlined flight makes it difficult to see their legs. Today I saw a group of Killdeer (at least I think that's what they were) that actually acted young. Dan doesn't feel they could already have had a hatch. Unfortunately, by the time I got to my camera they had scurried over a terrace. Guess we all have spring fever.
Picture by Linda

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This stained glass Canadian goose sits on the east window of our porch year around. This morning I happened to look out at a lovely match.
Picture by Linda

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tree Houses

Dan and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in June with a trip to South Carolina to visit close friends who were married only a week after us. We had trailer houses across the street from each other in a little court in Emporia Kansas. We all attended what was then KSTC now Emporia State. There are stories from that time of our lives, but those will be another time.

I have been poking around the internet for things to do while we are in the South. We are for sure visiting Savannah and Charleston. Two beautiful cities with lots of history. However, I was hoping for another experience that would be different yet scenic. I happened upon the Edisto River and its "world class" tree houses at a National Geographic web site. The river does not sound difficult and how much fun would it be to spend the night in a tree house? I am open for input on the southern experience.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sidetracked by Toys

Every once in a while a day has to be set aside to run errands--tie up loose ends. Today was one of those days. I spent the morning working at my desk and this afternoon running errands.

I started working on our taxes, but under the clutter on the desk was a HearthSong catalog. This is a wonderful place to order toys for children. Every young person should have a solid rubber egg in their Easter basket, right? Or how about the Critter Bubblers that shoot bubbles out of their mouth when squeezed. I had to order the kit that transforms pressed flowers and leaves into handcrafted greeting cards. The PhotoStory Jr. kit helps assemble pictures and drawings to be sent off and made into a hardbound book. Unfortunately, it was sold out as was the Pig Pile Game.

The best thing I ordered is the Fun Ride (page 25). I have been anxious for our grandkids to be old enough to play with this jewel. This is a "zip" line with a 90 foot long cable that will hold up to 250 pounds. Ah, well, the grandkids don't weigh even 50 pounds, but a person should be safe, right?

This afternoon I ran some errands in Lawrence. I came home with groceries, a license plate, oh, and a butterfly kite. The grandkids like kites.