Friday, February 10, 2006

Arizona DVD

The Arizona trip DVD is about done--just a few more finishing touches. I hoped to get it in the mail to our Phoenix friends by Valentines Day. It might be a few days late.

I have fun picking out the songs for these DVDs. Actually, I probably spend more time doing that than actually taking the pictures. Digital photography is wonderful.

I am listing the songs in the order they appear on the DVD:

Colorado Song - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
On the Road Again - Willie Nelson
Southbound Again - Dire Straits
By the Time I Get to Phoenix - Instrumental by Herbie Mann
Waltz for Arizona - Cosy Sheridan (old western swing)
Arizona - Rex Allen Jr and Rex Allen Sr.
Prairie Dog's Dance - Jan Michael (Native American music)
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie - Another instrumental by Arthur Fiedler
Home on the Range - Gene Autry

There you go--the songs tell it all!

Three things that make me smile each day

The cedar is in a ditch along the road. I guess someone decided they couldn't throw away their old Christmas tree balls. (Probably the kids that live nearby).

This mailbox always makes me feel good.

Garden City is over six hours from here. I doubt if the carrier is bringing the newspaper by. Its a nice little sign if you a proud of your hometown, although I would prefer a KSU Powercat rather than the Jayhawk.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where in the world???

I discovered the Google Earth this evening. This site is addictive. I could bring this image in almost to the point of seeing a car in our driveway!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Kim's 4-H Demonstration

As I mentioned earlier, our daughter Kim was here this weekend. She was looking my peat pots and I asked if she remembered the demonstration. She once again told me that those 4-H demonstrations (she did several) traumatized her life.

I had a long history of 4-H involvement when I was young. For a farm kid, 4-H and church were the social activities. So, I was set on our children to be involved in 4-H and specifically the public speaking aspect. I learned how to stand before a group and speak through 4-H. It is a good place for young people to learn.

It is with this background that I am telling this story on Kim. I don’t think she will mind. She had prepared a talk for the County 4-H Days competition. I don’t think it was the “How Does Your Garden Grow” petunia one. I believe it was the “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” one where she demonstrated the proper way to present oneself in front of a group. The speech she had written was excellent. She had made posters that were well done. So, I thought she was ready for the competition.

We had to wait for her turn to present and we were in a room with a large group of people which might have been the reason for the following conversation. Kim: “Mom, I feel sick, I think I am going to throw up.” Me: “Kim, you are not going to throw up.” Kim: “Mom, find a waste basket, I am going to throw up.” Me: “Kim, you are not going to throw up.” Kim: “ Mom, I’m telling you, I’m going to throw up.” Me: “ Kim, you better NOT throw up-- get your mind off of it.”

As it turns out, Kim did not throw up, she presented the demonstration flawlessly and won a purple ribbon which entitled her to take the talk to the State Fair in Hutchinson where she won another purple ribbon. She even was asked to give that talk to several groups in the county. It was definitely a positive experience. Yet, she will say to this day that it traumatized her youth.

Perhaps I had the last word, though. She applied for graduate school and was selected to interview. After she met with the board at the university she said, “Mom, I sure am glad you made me do those 4-H demonstrations.” She was accepted and I was vindicated.