Friday, January 13, 2006

Sun and Sand

At least that's what I hope we see!

I will be posting at wildlife waterfalls for the next week. Come on over.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who are you?

My post yesterday and consequently the email from our daughter had my mind occupied today. I was thinking about the matter of security and public access of the internet.

I first read about blogs two years ago. I was a lurker as they say for a while. The idea of writing with access for family and friends was appealing. I am not a literary type person (obviously) but I thoroughly enjoy writing letters and have notebooks full of copies written over the years mostly to our parents and later children. The blog format enabled me to write public letters to be accessed by family, friends and anyone who happened along.

When I set up my blog, the intent was personal happenings and thoughts, thus my "musings." Years back there was a writer for the Topeka Capital Journal who wrote a column entitled "Peggy of the Flinthills." She made her daily life seem so interesting. I had her in mind when I began. Maybe writing and reading about the humdrum of daily life is healthy, at least I feel it is for me.

This brings me to the privacy problem. I haven't given this much thought. I know many of the blogs I read establish nicknames such as pablo of Roundrock Journal or portuguesa nova of the Anchored Nomad . Then there is Jim of The Cowboy's Diary who owns a business and has his name and address on his blog or the Kansas Prairie Blog where Peg not only tells us her full name but information about happenings in Salina and the surrounding area. How about Pastor Steve Out in the Sticks --he wants people to find him.

So, I've taken the cute name of our post office off my site. Wildlife waterfalls will still have the log of our trip but we will have our trusted friend taking care of our house while we are gone. As usual, I will be careful to only use first names of my beloved kids, grandkids and friends. I grew up in a time when we never locked our doors. Maybe I need to be less naive, but it saddens me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Road Trip

We are thinking about doing a spur of the moment road trip next week. We have friends who live in the Phoenix area who graciously invited us for a few days. We will make first leg of the trip to our son's family in Colorado.

I have outlined several possibilities for the rest. We are in no big hurry so the Utah leg looks tempting. That might be risky in the winter, though. Most likely we will go south on I 25 to I 40. From there we are open to suggestions. Needless to say, I am excited!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Out the bedroom window

Our bedroom has a very large window. When we built the house, I planned on it being the "headboard" and it was for many years. Then my Dad said a person sleeps better if the bed is oriented north and south so we moved our bed. Well, that's not the only reason, but its one of my late Dad's many theories I'll never forget.

One benefit of the bed moved is that we now have better access to the window. Each winter Dan buys cracked corn and chicken scratch from the feed store to put under the pine trees that are about 20 yards from the window. Two years ago we had a telescope set up and watched rats come out of the pasture and eat the corn. We didn't put up the grass around that area so they had quite a little community there, until we burned the pasture in the spring....

This morning this is the scene out the window. The birds were enjoying their breakfast. Thankfully, Kitzie and Sylvester (barn cats) were occupied and Skye (Boxer) is too lazy so the birds enjoyed the Sunday brunch most all day.

This was the scene tonight. Actually, it was fairly dark. As soon as we noticed our three visitors I ran for the camera. The properties on the picture said it was a 4 second exposure. It's not a real good picture, but still cool to catch the deer in the act.

Makes one wonder what goes on out there after dark.