Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanks Road Repair Guys

The road repair crew has been working on the gravel roads on my route for several weeks. The roads had been neglected because under the jurisdiction of Shawnee County, there was always something more pressing. Recently, the work has shifted to the townships which is helping to get things in shape.

They are very patient with me. I approach and it seems as if a sea of trucks, loaders and bobcats part in unison and let me through. There are always waves and smiles. Today as I approached a mailbox I noticed they had pulled it out of the ground. They were busy digging a hole. It happens to be one of the worst boxes on the route--the lid wouldn't close, it slanted forward so the mail slipped out, and it was too low. One of them asked me if 42 inches from the ground to the bottom of the box was correct. I said that would be perfect. As it turns out there are replacing that terrible box with a new pole and box. (I guess one of their machines hit it). I was thrilled.

Tonight I have made a recipe of Dan's Favorite Oatmeal Cookies for them. They are good to me year around. It is a relief to see them ahead of me during or after a snow or ice storm. Actually, these cookies are a very small token of appreciation. Thanks guys.

Note: The recipe was posted here.

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squire said...

Oatmeal cookies work for me. The road crews are a hard working group. Glad to see they are working on your road.