Friday, December 30, 2005

This N' That

I received an email this morning from my cousin in Colorado. She read my post about eating at the Cheeseburger In Paradise in Kansas City. She sent this picture of her beautiful daughters at the same restaurant in Maui. Now, that would be a good burger!

She didn't say, but I wonder if this is the original restaurant. We definitely think of Hawaii when we see "Paradise."

As I mentioned, I have been home this week and am a cleaning maniac--especially here in the computer room. In the process I have been going through old Christmas things. I came across an article entitled, At Christmas, we all see the light differently, by Craig Wilson. My clever friend, Kathy, in Wichita sent it to me last year because she knew I would love it. I kept it all this time and even now am posting it after the fact. I typed it in an earlier post so just click on the name. If you are still enjoying Holiday decorations, as I am, it will make you laugh.

I am a white light person--after reading this, I hardly want to admit it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cheeseburger Paradise

Since I am taking the week off work, we decided to treat ourselves to a different restaurant. Dan wanted to get a couple of items at Cabela's in Kansas City so we ate at the Cheeseburger Paradise. (They have a great web site).

In the past when we have tried to eat there, the wait was prohibitive. Last night was no exception. So, I sat down at the bar to wait while Dan ran over to Cabela's. Nebraska vs Michigan was on television, but I was entertained by the bartender mixing up the exotic beach type drinks. They had live music Jimmy Buffet style.

We ended up just staying at the bar and eating our meal. Dan had one of their specialty cheeseburgers and I had "n'awlins BBQed Shrimp" as well as their sweet potato chips. They have a rather limited menu but our choices were delicious and served quickly. It was rather loud. Don't go there for intimate dining, but I felt like we had been to a party which was a fun evening.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 1/2 price

This evening we had to run to the grocery store in Lawrence. I spent time looking at the Christmas items that were marked 1/2 price. I am not one to turn my back on a bargain so the prospect of saving money was a reason to accompany Dan in the first place.

As I was looking at wrapping paper, napkins, decorating accessories, I began to feel sad. I had a melancholy feeling all day anyway and seeing the colorful items that would have to be put in a box for a year reminded me again that the excitement of Christmas with our family and friends was over. Soon the bright lights and beautiful (in its own way) tree would be taken down and, in the case of the tree, burned.

I did buy some wrapping paper with moose on it for my oldest grandson and briefly thought about how he would look a year from now when he opened his gift wrapped in that paper. He was so cute this year because he can't contain his excitement. We look to the oldest for change because we know the two younger boys will follow his lead. Little Carly, our youngest girl, will march to her own drummer.

I am not taking down my decorations for a few more days. Maybe I'll even leave them up for New Years Eve. I love everything about Christmas (even delivering the Christmas cards) and will look forward even as I begin the process of putting away.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The end of a great Christmas celebration

Adam is a little turned around, but everyone else is happy about
our Christmas day.