Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration and love.
May the spirit of the birthday of Jesus
continue through the new year.

Friday, December 23, 2005

2nd Annual Route 2 Bakeoff

This contest is only known between you and me. I certainly don't tell the thoughtful customers on my route that I am critiquing their food. However, I must once again announce the top entries and the winner--as of today. I say that because last year's winner has not come through. I even asked him about a month ago if he was going to do any baking. He didn't promise me anything, but I did tell him his cookies were the best.

Once again, Kathy was in the first week of December. She brings those cinnamon rolls in the post office warm. They are wonderful and since they are the first, we make short work of them.

Jeanne and Nancy's plate looked very good, when they brought it into the post office but for some reason it disappeared before I hardly had a chance to sample. (I suspect the postmaster)

John's peanut brittle was delicious again this year, but I have to compare to my friend Sue's, and it just doesn't crack up. Sue is also a rural carrier, but not on my route so she can't be in the contest.

Sandy, where are you and your fabulous apple bread? I am going to ask the next time I see her if she brought it in. Maybe we have a mouse.

Geneva brought in her little cookies made with butter and squeezed out of some kind of gadget. They are melt in your mouth good. She also makes cookies that look like lacy waffles. She should get the gourmet award.

John made his muffins and left them in his grill (so their dog wouldn't get them) yesterday. I ate one and couldn't believe how good they are. They went directly into the freezer for Christmas morning. (He didn't bring them into the post office so they are all mine, right?)

We had a new entry this year. Judy made cinnamon rolls. Without a doubt they were made with her kneading the dough. I know this because they weren't hot when she brought them in and they were still delicious. Alright, honestly, I brought a couple of these home with me.

A new entry is the winner this year. I will describe it and probably everyone but me will know the name. It is made with rich and tender bread and a filling is spread on one side. (Linda used some kind of cream cheese melt in the mouth stuff.) Then it is folded in half. I actually think it is a German bread. Anyway, Linda's bread was unique and delicious... and because of Dale's default, the winner!

Merry Christmas, Mom

Tonight was Mom's Christmas party at her new home at Chapman Valley Manor. It was fun. Everyone brought goodies and snacks and either ate in the rooms or circulated around to visit other friends who are there. Santa came with candy canes and a gift.

Mom looked pretty tonight. She had a good time.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tomatoes by Christmas

Last summer Dan started a hanging tomato. We thought this was a unique idea and perhaps one that would produce vine ripe tomatoes at Christmas.

We brought the plant in to the sunroom from the deck and then downstairs with a growlight. My plan is to have bacon and tomato sandwiches when the family is here for Christmas.

It's just a small miracle.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Poinsettia revisited

Christmas has become a little stressful, so I turned the lights off except for the decorations and enjoyed a cup of hot tea and one more piece of Sue's peanut brittle. While relaxing in my chair, I noticed the poinsettia's "blooms" were perfect for Christmas.

This was my poinsettia plant from last year. I kept it healthy until summer and then repotted and set it where it received full sunlight until about 1:00. This fall I brought it into the sunroom and left it alone. It received the natural day and night cycle. It has been fun watching the top leave emerge red. I didn't buy a poinsettia this year--I already had one.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Snow Discoveries

Glad I don't have to work today.

Kansas Red Cedar are as pretty as Colorado pines

Cold drink, anyone?

This is me by a very interesting bridge over the Wakarusa River. I will research and write about it next year.