Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hanging tomato update

This is the current status of the hanging tomato. Previous comparison is here. It seems to like its inside home and, as you can tell, I think we will have BLTs for supper.

There are a few green ones, but no blooms. It will remain to be seen if we will have fresh tomatoes at Christmas.

It's a short post, but I've got to get to the cleaning program.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Prioritizing Life

I don't often write about my faults--I want to say it would be a boring. Although, for whatever reason, I am interested in what other people find wrong with themselves. Maybe in some weird way, confession makes one seem more human. On the other hand, strength through success is also an interesting read. Tonight I am confessing my house is a mess and I intend to do something about it.

I am not surprising anyone who knows me by confessing my struggle with prioritization (which explains why I write on this blog instead of clean). I make long lists of Things To Do and then start off by doing the one thing on the list that least needs to be done. I've discussed this at work with the Sisterhood and they can't fully understand my delimina. Both of them have set routines with housework, etc. and they just naturally stay organized. It is the same with my daughter and son (how did we raise them like that) and their spouses. Dan and I are very alike in this respect so we aren't much help for one another.

My mother was a meticulous housekeeper. I think she could see a problem in my future because she used to tell how she sent me upstairs to clean my room only to find me reading old letters and looking through picture albums instead. She had a routine of cleaning house that I remember to this day. She would tell me to clean the sidewalks and porch first because if you don't that dirt will track into the clean house. Dutiful to my mother's teaching, I go out to the garage to clean the floor only an hour later find myself outside checking things out and the garage floor is still dirty.

I have the next three days off from work. I am entertaining our card group tomorrow night. A deadline is good--I will have that part of the house clean. However, by Sunday night, I better be able to say--and I will be honest--that I have my desk, our bedroom, and the basement not only decluttered, but clean. Oh, and the garage floor too. The priorities are set. Can she do it?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Who invents toys?

I wonder who thinks up the concept of toys on the market for young children and why do they have to be noisy. It seems they either play a song, chirp, click and they all require batteries. Young children are exposed to noise pollution at an early age. Even simple puzzles make noise. There are child reproductions of cell phones, computers and IPods, airports, construction sites, etc. It is nice that they do make the correct sound but often, to me, it comes out as noise. One particular truck of Aaron's made this peculiar sound. I finally had to ask--"It's a trash truck, Nana." Of course, the little towns need trash service.

Surprisingly, Carly received a very nice selection of noiseless toys. For bath play there were little animals that squirt water & ducks that sound a note when pushed down in the water (no batteries so not too loud). A soft fuzzy kitty and a wooden Noah's Ark with holes to fit each animal (makes absolutely no sound).

What toy did the kids play with the most? In addition to the toys mentioned above, she received this ingenious air toy that blew balls up into a tray and sometimes around the room. While doing this, it had a electronic pop sound along with a song. One push of the button and this would all take place for about 20 seconds. There were eight different songs. There was a simple pick up ball part for Carly and the more complex air flow interest for the older children. Well, OK, it was a cool toy, despite the noise. However, we would have played with the ducks in the kitchen sink longer if there was more time.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

There's only one 1st birthday

What I should say is there is only one celebration that is truly as much fun for the guests as the one celebrating.

Carly was in her cutest party dress, a little white skirt with t shirt and sweater. This was especially cute because she has just recently decided to walk and the little skirt moved with her new practically running steps. After playing games, we had a delicious meal of BBQ beef, baked beans, potato salad etc. Carly and company enjoyed their hotdogs & mac and cheese. Then it was on to the gifts. Big brother Trent, first cousins Aaron & Adam along with friends helped with the task of opening. Cool stuff.

Finally, it was time for singing and cake. Carly was a bit tentative at first. Rather embarrassed at everyone watching. She got the idea, though, and while everyone else ate their homemade ice cream and cake she thoroughly enjoyed hers.

Thank you for inviting us to your party, Carly. It was a perfect 1st birthday.