Friday, October 28, 2005

Fall Back Orange

My favorite colors are yellow and orange. We were newly weds in the late sixties/early seventies. Bright orange pots in macrame' hangers were in style. I was excited to see those colors reappearing because I've never given up the 70s orange.

How would a room look decorated the colors of fall trees. Maybe start with a light green/yellow mix on the walls, brown woodwork and window shades, orange & red accents and rust area rug. I have seen beautiful burgundy leather, but that wouldn't look right with the rust rug. I could make the furniture green, that would look better with the accents but not bright enough--wait, how about an orange rug--whoa, even I say that's too 70s. Maybe the answer is to have lots of windows and call it God's Room.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

This picture was taken immediately after the black cat walked in front of my car today. Halloween is next Monday--sure glad I'm not superstitious.....
Picture by Linda

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Is it me, or does this cat's tail seem unusually long? It was rubbing against my legs today as I was trying to get a customer's package out of the back of my truck. He was a nice kitty, but I could see "big yellow tom" down the road.

We have two cats in our barn--they have been there for over 15 years. Kittzie and Sylvester are "fixed." Their life has been blissful--eat, sleep on top of the rafters someplace, and come out for their obligatory petting once or twice a day.

However, off and on over the years, the two pals have had visitors--usually in the form of big yellow toms. I guess these guys don't realize our two could care less about a male suitor. Or, maybe they do figure that out, but like the food and lodging. They eventually move on, sometimes with some help.

We wonder if Kitt and Sy are being visited by other critters. For two lazy cats, their sack of cat food sure disappears fast. It is interesting that they do kind of "talk" to us. If they are out of food, Kitt meows loud and long. Wish they could tell us what goes on at night in their world. I'm not going to check it out--it's too close to Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Will the tomatoes be saved?

Perhaps we should just pick all the green tomatoes and ripen them in a paper bag with an apple. Our tactic instead is a dog pen we are not using. We placed it over our tomatoes and then draped a big piece of plastic. Actually, it works well because there is a door on the side so we have a way inside to water. We are hoping the plants get enough sunlight through the clouded plastic and generate heat during the day to keep the temperature up at night.

We've moved the hanging tomato to the porch. It still has several green tomatoes also. I think it has a little frost damage from one of the earlier cold snaps (that might be local terminology). It likes its sunny southeast corner though.

I am feeling confident we'll have fresh tomatoes on the table for Thanksgiving. If we don't it won't be because we didn't try.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend Update

Sunday evening and another busy weekend. We hustled out of here on Saturday morning to tailgate with Marc's company at the KSU game. We appreciated the invitation and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious smoked pork. The game with Texas A & M was cool, damp, and a loosing effort, although I felt the Cats played with enthusiasm and determination. It was an exciting second half. Score: Texas A & M 30, KSU 28.

After the game we traveled on to Salina to visit little Adam who had been recently dismissed from the hospital with asthma. He was doing much better. The sparkle in the eyes was there, but still a bit pale. Kim had a beer can chicken on the grill--more good food.

We stayed the night at Salina and then on to visit Mom at my brother's house. That came with an added bonus of getting to see our niece and her husband's baby. Mom enjoyed holding her great grandson. After some more good food and an afternoon visit, it was home.

We covered our garden tomatoes with plastic and brought the hanging one in. There is a freeze warning tonight. Tomorrow night I will take a picture of our attempt to prolong their production period.