Saturday, October 22, 2005

Welcome Back!

Tonight I checked my blog list and there were several long awaited posts from Yankee From Mississippi. It was as if an old friend called as I have been keeping up with her via her writing for over a year. I knew she was from Gulf Port and have thought of her often. It sounds like no one was hurt, but it is interesting to read how their life has changed.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Change of season

My Dad used to say that the change of season was hard on people especially the elderly. He died the last day of winter. It could be the change in temperature, the difference in length of days or just plain change. Today was not the official start of fall, but for some reason I feel the change. Of course, it was one of my least favorite days, cloudy, cool, rainy and just not pretty. That is one thing about the weather in Kansas—tomorrow will be better.

Dan and I both love gadgets and tools and probably spend too much money on them. We like walking up and down isles of Walmart, Target, Lowes, pawn shops, any place that has the latest. Dan is especially fond of anything in camo. Last Christmas Kim gave Dan a remote rain gauge. These things are the epitome of the gadget/tool world. Everyone should have one. HereÂ’s the deal. The top number is the total rainfall for the year, or it would be for the year but we did not have it set up January 1. The second number is todayÂ’s rainfall. The third is the temperature in the house and the bottom is the time (it is on military for some reason). There's even a history button to see past rainfall amounts. We look at this thing often. If it starts raining, we run to see how quickly it is changing. The way it works is there hole for the rain to come in and a small dish to catch it. When the little dish gets full, it tips and records four hundredth.

The kids say we are easily entertained. All I know is that any change, be it time (clock), season (calendar), temperature (thermometer), or moisture (CabelaÂ’s remote rain gauge) is easier if there is a way to measure itÂ’s progress and much easier if the measurer happens to be a cool gadget.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Home and tired

Here is the Nebraska Capitol Building as promised--only I didn't take the picture. The building was close, but there were no breaks in the meetings.

I did find several pictures of the interior, but they were too small to get the full effect. The statue on top represents the agriculture in the state. I had once heard the exterior is supposed to look like a ear of corn, but I was assured by my Nebraska friends that this wasn't true. So, there is a possibility this idea was started by a Kansas State University grad.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I did not go to work this morning because I traveled to Lincoln Nebraska for a post office meeting. Consequently, when the sun came up, I was able to snap this picture of the reflection of the rising sun on the tree and the full moon in the background. I guess this would be called the harvest moon.

The meeting location is only a few blocks from the Nebraska state capitol. If there is time, I hope to stop by to take a few pictures. It has beautiful mosaic tile work in the lobby.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It happened again

At least once a year I get a big mailbox surprise. I don’t mean the fresh baked cookies that are sometimes on top of letters to be mailed. No, this surprise is in the form of a mouse.

I open 387 mailboxes each day, providing everyone has mail. I don’t think about seeing anything inside the box, only placing the mail in and moving on down the road. Today was no exception. I had the mail in my hand, when I opened this particular box about two hours into the route. The little mouse was at the front of the box. We just stared at each other. I had a brief thought it was going to jump in my car. Instead, it simply came down the lid and disappeared underneath. I don’t think either of us missed a beat. It was almost as if we just said “hi.”

I think my attitude about the little guys has changed since watching the Stuart Little movies with the grandkids. Mr. White, who actually wrote those stories in 1945 had quite an imagination and must have liked mice. At any rate, my mailbox Stu needs to keep looking because I don’t think that box will be too warm this winter and the older gentleman who gets his mail there might not know about lovable mice who talk just like Michael J. Fox.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am getting ready to bake this sweet potato for dinner. This morning we decided to dig the vine that had been growing all summer. Dan threw a sprouted potato from the store in the ground last spring. What a surprise to find just this one big one.
Picture by Linda