Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gone Fishn'

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We're looking forward to a real adventure!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I need to go mow, but thought I would quickly post a picture of a friend that rode along with me on the route for several miles. I wondered how he was able to stay on the windshield, but on closer inspection, I see little suction cups on its feet. I also can't tell if he is missing a foot or has it up by his body.
Picture by Linda

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Today some old (meaning long time) friends and our husbands had an enjoyable day. Three of us went to high school together, but in 1965 we came together as a group in the dorm at what was then Kansas State Teachers College (now Emporia State University). We decided to get an apartment the following year. What a great year. We all married in the following years and were in each others weddings. In 1972, we decided to have a roommate reunion and continued on a fairly regular basis since.

By 1979, as it turns out, we were finished having our children. It would be easy to take this opportunity to brag about this beautiful bunch. I'll just say that each has completed a college education and many have completed advanced programs. Today, we caught up on what is happening in not only their lives, but some now have their own children.

So, here we are today. We are all approaching 60 years old and none of us think we look that old. One has retired, and the rest of us are talking about it. We have some health issues, but are optimistic. That year in the apartment, in small ways, shaped our lives. Kayzie will say she learned to cook, although we did get a little tired of hamburger gravy. Barb kept us in line with our cleaning. Our little apartment was spotless. Sherry was easy going, funny and the most dedicated to the goal of graduation. I don't know what the other girls would say about me--but we all got along wonderfully.

I have the following quote on my bulletin board, "The best moments aren't moments at all, but the start of long-lasting memories." Our Sisterhood.