Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Copperhead Hollow

After attending the Fiesta Mexicana in North Topeka tonight, we took a back way home This Copperhead was in the middle of the road near a woods & creek. It looks as though the back part of him could be injured. I doubt if it is fatal.

Copperhead, Cottonmouths and rattlesnakes are all pit vipers. Since these snakes are very poisonous from the moment of birth, this name sounds ominous . Actually, it means they have a deep sensory pit between each eye & nostril which contain temperature sensitive receptors. This allows them to strike at warm blooded prey as they pass by.

Pit vipers also have long hollow fangs that fold against the roof of the mouth but move into position when the mouth is open.

I am not an extreme antisnake person, but I do not like to be surprised. We did leave this
one to have another day.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bucks are showing their stuff

This picture was taken through a telescope with my digital camera. It lacks quality, however, the buck was standing at 215 yards so its better than we expected. The horns still have velvet so its hard to tell mass. We spotted a non typical rack on another, but my camera batteries went dead.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Morning Pictures

These were taken in our yard this morning. I used my North American Wildlife, Readers Digest, book to identify the mushrooms and butterfly. I actually took the picture of the double dragonflies Friday and had to email Chip to get the eastern and western straight.

I checked my book and I believe this is a Wood Nymphs (Ceryonis) because of the eyespots on its wing. Also because I found it in our pasture which the book says may be its habitat.
Picture by Linda

Double dragonflies-- green is Eastern Pondhawk and blue Western Pondhawk
Picture by Linda

Western Pondhawk Dragonfly on the mushroom
Picture by Linda

Meadow Mushroom family specifically Flat-topped Mushroom (Agaricus Placomyces)
Picture by Linda