Friday, July 08, 2005

Turning Hopes into Victories

We are back from Colorado, but I am still on vacation from work. I haven’t spent much time at home. This morning it was Junction City and a visit with Mom. Ruth was there also and it was fun to hear about their trip to Montana.

On the way home, rather than detouring around Topeka, I ran errands in the city. It was in route that I passed KNI, Kansas Neurological Institute, with a sign in front of the facility saying: Turning Hopes into Victories.

Perhaps it was because I had just visited Mom that these words touched me. Physically, other than a fall several years ago that has kept her in a wheelchair, Mom is a healthy 90 year old woman. She always has been pleasant person with a ready laugh and smile. What saddens us is that she seems to have lost the Hope. Ruth, my sister-in-law visits her nearly every day so she has company. However, she misses my Dad who died over a year ago. Also, she does not want to be in a full care facility. Both are understandable, unfortunately, she does not seem to realize that, at this point in her life, if she has any hope, she needs to push herself physically. We all say, “If she would just do her exercises” or “Why doesn’t Mom see how much that would help her.”

I am sure this is difficult for patients at KNI also. If the healthcare workers there are able to convey the message on their sign, I would like to know their words and ways so my family and I could help Mom turn the Hopes in her life into Victories.