Thursday, June 30, 2005

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave

Have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday.

We will be
traveling to Colorado to enjoy a couple of days at Breckenridge with our family. Click on the butterfly and flower at the left for a journal of our trip.

The travel log is wildlife wildflowers and waterfalls

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It was a Kansas day

I awoke this morning to thunder, that far off soothing kind. The music soon began so it was out of bed and a shuffle to the coffee pot. I checked Weather Bug with my first cup in hand. Sure enough the radar showed green and yellow. Great, we needed rain.

It drizzled on the way to work. I noticed the windshield wipers were not working, but they do that occasionally. Usually no problem.

Casing the mail (PO talk for putting each letter in delivery order) went smoothly. Occasionally, customers reported on the prospect of rain. The first carrier out loaded in drizzle. The second carrier out thought the sun was coming out. I was third and the sky looked gray.

Thirty minutes into the route, it started the huge drops. Up went my non delivery window. Despite it being warm in the truck, rain and mail do not mix. Still no wipers but I left them turned on, hoping they would decide to start. Suddenly, I could hardly see the mailboxes it was raining so hard. The moisture from the delivery side felt good and so far the mail was staying dry.

The rain was still pounding by the time I arrived at the residence which was to receive the big package under the cover in the back. I raced to the front door which appeared to be under a roof. No, the roof was a deck for the second floor and the rain was pouring through the cracks. So it was around the house into the garage. Then, back in the truck totally soaked and on down the road. Still no wipers. With the breeze coming in the window, it was downright cold. Almost the end of June and I turned on the heater!

Lightning bolts, crack, boom almost in unison. Those strikes were close. If a carrier has her hand on a metal mailbox with a metal post and lightning strikes her vehicle will she be rare, medium, or done?

Finally, the storm let up and the mail moved at its regular pace. Two hours later, the sun was out, both windows were down, the heater was off, everything was dry and, yep, the wipers started working.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Never On Sunday

Years ago a customer gave me a wooden mailbox. It played Never On Sunday while the lid opened and closed. Definitely a perfect gift for my mail carrier friends, but the customer couldn't remember where she purchased it and woodworking mail order catalogs do not have that tune in their music box items. Anyone remember when this movie came out or anything about it other than the song?

I picked, snapped and canned today--green beans that is. Picked early, snapped by noon and canned around one. There is a pinch of garlic and a bit more onion flakes in each jar. Had I canned all I picked there would be about ten quart. Probably one more picking unless it rains.

Gardening is work and time consuming. The fact there are no preservatives alone makes it worth the effort.