Saturday, April 09, 2005

Friday, April 08, 2005


We ran to Lawrence tonight to get two new tires for my mail truck (another flat tire today). I have some serious tires now. They are six ply with deep treads. We'll see how these take the gravel.

While there we ate at Chipoltes. I love that place. We always get the same thing. We share a black bean burrito with extra beans and guacamole on the side, chips and salsa and drinks. Their chips are unique--I think it might be a slight vinegar taste--and their mild salsa has little chunks of tomato which is how I like it. Sometimes we think we have eaten so healthy that we top it off with a Sheridan Concrete. (ice cream) We resisted tonight because we are fasting after 7:00 so we can have a blood workup done at the Lawrence Hospital health fair tomorrow morning. (As if not eating a Concrete the night before will lower our cholesterol.)

I'm not going to be able to take advantage of the health fair other than the blood workup because I will have to high tail it back to Berryton to carry mail. More later

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Asparagus is up!

We found two little shoots in the patch this evening. That means good meals ahead. It also means the morel mushrooms are up too!

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Does our history shape our lives?

We all tend to remember the big historical events in our lives—graduation, job, choice of life mate, children, home, location… We all have them or will have them.

These events are shaped by intangibles such as love, faith, forgiveness, ability to laugh or cry, stubbornness, beauty, even anger but it is the big event that is remembered and not the subtle thoughts, words or deeds leading up to it. They do not fall by the wayside, however, they are all part of the big event.

History does shape our lives. For example, the decision to live at our present location might not have been made at an earlier time in our marriage. Still, as we learn from the historical big events whether they are wonderful or not so good, perhaps we keep or change deeper less visible feelings and beliefs without recognizing the reason.

Thanks, Shannon, for the topic.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Rock Fences

After a snow storm this winter, it occurred to me how many stone fences were visible on my mail route. There are some that are falling down, some that have been reconstructed, and in several places I believe it is the original fence and still in use.

Many of the stone fences were constructed beginning in 1867 when the state legislature passed a law giving a bounty for constructing stone or hedge fences. As early as 1869, thousands of rods of stone fences had been constructed.

Not all stone is suitable for building fences. They were generally constructed from fieldstone or taken from shallow quarries. In this part of Kansas there was an abundance of fieldstone, however, there is a large hole on top of a hill on our land where we have been told stone was quarried. I could not find any information on how these fences were built, but they appear to be double wide with stones stacked to fit without mortar. It might not have been a difficult job to master, but surely must have been back breaking work.

In a state that did not have a lot of wood, the settlers used what was available. It cleared their fields of rocks, provided fences for their livestock and perhaps saved their claim by serving as a fire break.

Notice the intricate placing of the stones Posted by Hello

Well built rock walls had a double placement Posted by Hello

Rock wall still in use as a fence Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Short but sweet

It was a great day for Mom. She had balloons and birthday cake. You can't ask for a better celebration than that. She loved the attention too. We have notified a bunch of family and friends of her birthday and are hoping for a nice card shower.

I guess this hour loss today is catching up with me as I am very tired. I had some thoughts I wanted to write about, but will postpone them until tomorrow evening. Off to bed and another week!

Looking forward to this Sunny day.....

We are celebrating my Mom’s 90th birthday today in Junction City. Wayne & Ruth will pick her up for church and we will meet them there. One of the church members is making her a corsage which she will appreciate. After church we will have cake and coffee in the church pallor. Her friends will make her feel special. She will have a great time and I am excited for her.

I will check in later.