Friday, December 03, 2004

Post Office Christmas Party

I work with the best group of people possible. There are nine of us counting the subs and we get along great. Each time a new sub is hired, we hold our breath for fear we will get that person who just doesn't fit in. It has not happened.

So, Sunday afternoon all nine of us plus spouses and children are coming here to eat Mexican food. My sub was previously married to a Hispanic lady so he learned authenic cooking. He is in charge and the rest of us are going to hang out in the kitchen and help when possible. We are making a gallon of sangria so that should help with the creativity.

Our office has had "everyone helps cook" parties before. One year we had chicken & noodles over mashed potatoes. All of us were in the kitchen adding stuff to the pot. I am not sure what all went in there--I do know we caught one person trying add Tabasco. It turned out delicious and no one could ever duplicate it. Last year we did fondue. That was fun--partly because it took so much time & wine to get through the meal. Several years ago we had a chili dump. Everyone makes their own recipe & we dump it all together.

Dan & I have purchased the groceries for Sunday. All I need to do is get the house ready. One small problem--I have to work tomorrow. Oh well, these people know me well enough that I won't worry if the house isn't it top notch shape. With all that is going on the next two days, I might not have anything on here until Sunday evening. I will post a run down then. I'll get a picture--it should be a fun party.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Deer Season

It is firearm season for deer this week. We have not noticed the usual gun fire at dawn and dusk as in the past. I don’t know if that means there are fewer hunters or deer.

We have something akin to Interstate 70 for deer behind our house and, up until this week, its been busy. Most of them appear to be young although, to me, deer are smaller than expected. There is one nice buck with quite a rack that has been in the neighborhood for several years. I have not seen him this year, but I did briefly last year. His rack is distinctive in that it is straight up rather than wide.

Our neighbor called tonight to report he spotted a Mountain Lion. We highly respect his knowledge of game so the stories we have heard about them in our area are true. Wow, would I ever like to see that bad boy!

I am a firm believer in the need to thin the population of deer. If the hunters don’t, they will be hit on the roads. I do find myself hoping that big buck continues to elude the hunters, though.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


This show has me hooked. I am not the only one as Dan & I discuss it as well as family and co workers. It definitely is different than usual television fare.

The general feeling was that we were due for something new and tonight has set that up. We have a baby that somehow will be different, we have at least two people on the island that weren’t on the plane and then there is that weird Locke.

The latest Entertainment magazine has five theories. I will list them with the plausibility (1 to 5) and then an informed opinion by the writers/producers, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof

Theory 1: The survivors actually died in the crash and the island is purgatory. Plausibility 4. Informed opinion: “That’s a cool theory, but there are people who have died in the plane, so it would have to be a qualified purgatory.”

Theory 2: There was only one survivor—perhaps Jack—and the island is a dream; other survivors represent aspects of his personality. Plausibility 2 Informed opinion: “That theory is absolutely correct, and the character is J.J. Abrams.”

Theory 3: The island is a giant lab for mad-scientist experimenting as in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Plausibility 3 Informed opinion: “It’s a piece of a much bigger picture,” says Abrams. “It’s not the big answer.”

Theory 4: A catastrophe has thrown the world upside down and killed the entire population, save for these survivors. Plausibility 4 Informed opinion: “That is absolutely a possibility.” says Lindelof. “What’s amazing is that we can do an entire season without answering what happened in the outside world.”

Theory 5: Aliens crashed the plane, placed the survivors in a zoo-like habitat, and now are just screwing with them. Plausibility 2 Informed Opinion: “Isn’t that an episode of The Outer Limits?”

This is very interesting. Definitely there are representatives of every type of personality.

This baby is going to be born next week--I'll be there.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Let It Snow

The first email I opened tonight was Steepsavers. They announced snow in the amount of 31" in 72 hours and had pictures to prove it.

Doug also said the word in the Springs was that the mountains were looking good for the Holidays. I am excited as our family might have a ski day Christmas week.

Skiing is one activity everyone in our family enjoys. Even though our grandkids are too small right now, it won’t be long before they have those skis (or boards) pointed straight ahead, flying down hill with the adults yelling at them to slow down. I know this because it doesn’t seem that long ago that our kids were doing just that.

The freedom and beauty of skiing down a slope on a sunny day in the mountains cannot be matched

Monday, November 29, 2004

Real or Fake

For the past several years our Christmas tree has been on the porch. It is an enclosed area so it isn’t as if it is outside, but it is not in the heated part of the house. We have a large window that allows us to have full view of the tree. It is nice because we can find a nice red cedar in the pasture and enjoy natural look of a real tree. I will not bring a cedar in the house, though. They house critters and dry sprigs that get in carpet.

This year, I am having two large Christmas gatherings at our house so I will need the table where we usually set the cedar tree. Today, as I drove my route, I tried to decide whether to purchase a tree from a Christmas Tree Farm or use our artificial tree in the living room. Dan doesn’t really care. I do love the smell and feel of a real tree. On the other hand our artificial tree is fairly realistic, especially after it is decorated.

Then there is the fire hazard. It seems no matter how diligent we are in keeping a real tree in water, the forced air heat dries it out especially since I like to enjoy it for at least three weeks. Even though we put the tree clear across the room from the wood stove, I still worry about that also. So, after writing this all down, I think Dan and I will haul up the artificial tree tonight.

There is a candle store in Lawrence that sells wonderful pine scented candles. I will have my fake and smell it too…….

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Partners Family and BBQ

Friday night my brother and his wife celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. All of their kids and families were home so it was the perfect time. Deb decided rather than anyone cook we would all go to Partners in Talmage.

It would be interesting to know the history of Talmage. It probably started with a general store that housed a post office, a school and a church as many of the small Kansas towns did over 100 years ago. The train came through so the co-op kept it vital for a long time. However, with many of the Co-ops failing and the farmers owning their own semi trucks to haul grain to larger markets, Talmage has dwindled in population. I’m talking small here because the population wasn’t even listed on a recent Kansas map.

Small doesn’t mean any less pride, though, so it seems some local residents helped a man with a smoker, a good BBQ sauce and a vision establish a restaurant (hence Partners) in this little town near Abilene. We were the only patrons there last night but we totaled around 20. So, we just settled in for an evening of laughing, talking and reminiscing about Wayne & Ruth’s wedding. The food was delicious—I had brisket with baked beans and “sun spots” (deep fried sweet potato chips that I sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar). The waitress joined in the fun—the food came at all different times—no need to let any get cold while preparing other plates. Who cared, as we were there for the evening and it didn’t matter who ate when. Great party—so glad we could make it!

Happy 40th Anniversary! Posted by Hello