Friday, November 19, 2004

KSU vs Iowa State

This is the last game. It's been a rebuilding year for the Cats (interpret as a loosing season). Even though this game does not mean anything as far as post season play, the Cats will be ready. Iowa State must win this game in order to keep in the running for the Big 12 North championship. They won't have enough ethanol in their tanks and the Cats will win by 10.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Turkey Talk

Today was cool and rainy. It seems this weather brings out the game especially turkeys as I saw at least 35. The largest flock consisted of several adults with a large group of poults (young adults). They were on the road and not in a hurry. I stopped while they slowly moved into the pasture.

I didn’t get a good look at the second group. I surprised them so they flew quickly. One actually flew high into a large tree. It looked very uncomfortable up there and finally flew on down to the ground.

Male turkeys or toms are often shown spreading their tail feathers in the air which is called a strut. Even though this is the common Thanksgiving picture, males only do this during mating season in the spring to show dominance among a group of birds. I have observed this “dance” and it is impressive.

Tom turkeys also have a beard which hangs from their chest. The length is determined by the age of the bird. Actually, the wild turkey is not a pretty bird, at least compared to the pheasant. Around here, however, they are very plentiful and seem to increase each year.

The large flocks of turkeys I saw today did not seem too concerned about the fact that it is open season on them or that Thanksgiving is only a week away. They probably instintively know I am not a threat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A dog without a home

Once again I saw a “dumped” dog today.

It is hard for me to understand how anyone could take a pet out in the country and just shove it out the door and drive off. This is what happens to many unwanted animals primarily dogs. Today, it was a cute little dog. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female—something about it made me think female, though. It is easy to tell when an animal has been dumped as they will be standing by the side of the road, watching the cars go by as if maybe their owner will come back for them. They have a forlorn look in their eyes.

I do not stop when I am working. I have called the animal control officer if it is a mean breed of dog, though. This little dog was so cute that someone might actually pick it up or it might wonder into one of the homes nearby. I am sure that is what the person who dumped the dog would like to think—it found a home and lived happily every after. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. The Humane Shelter “puts down” an unbelievable number of animals each year.

Over the years, we have lost count on the number of dumped animals we have had at our place. As I said, generally they are dogs, but also cats, once a whole litter. There was a goat. The oddest was a flock of chickens. Of course, there was no way we could catch them and the coyotes picked them off in no time.

Pets deserve to be treated humanly—dumping along the road is definitely not that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wash Day

I finished the route by 4:00 today so we took off for Junction City to visit Mom. She was doing well and we had a good visit.

We were talking about how much easier it is to take care of clothes now than when she was a young housewife. That brought up the topic of wash day.

First, she would sort clothes in piles and fill the wringer washer with hot water. At the same time she would fill two wash tubs with rinse water. Mom started with the least dirty white clothes such as sheets or dress clothes, then to the colored clothes and finally to Dad’s farm clothes. All of these would be washed in the same water. Each load was rinsed twice running the articles through the wringer each time. The wringer was two rollers that squeezed the water out of the clothes.

Hanging the clothes on the line was my favorite part of the process. I still have a clothes line and often hang my wash to air dry. Mom taught me to hang the clothes in a certain way. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to drive by and see the clothes just thrown on the line. So, like articles are hung together, colors are coordinated and sheets and towels are hung so they don’t wrap around the line. I have never admitted it, but sometimes I come inside after hanging out clothes and look out the window to admire my work.

After washing all day Monday, she would iron all day on Tuesday. Mom’s generation worked hard just to accomplish day to day chores. I am glad to leave it all behind—except no dryer paper will ever be able to duplicate hanging sheets out to dry.

Monday, November 15, 2004

WAG they say

We always enjoy visiting with our kids. We are so lucky to have bright children, including spouses, with great senses of humor. When I am with family, I spend a lot of time laughing.

So, with that said, I am, with Kim’s permission, including the paragraph in her email today in response to my question as to what was the conversation that was so funny at dinner. Her answer:

Marc's new term is "wag" or "wild-ass guess". The statement I made at the table wasn't that clever. Someone in Missouri legally changed his name to "they". The term people use is "they say...", but now "they" is one person so we'll have to change our terminology to "they said...". I personally am making a "wag" that this Missourian is a nut-job with mutiple personalities & will continue to use the phrase "they say".

Sunday, November 14, 2004

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Whadda Weekend

It’s Sunday evening already. My 4 days off went fast. Kim and I did serious work on the house, though.

We have a newly organized play area in the basement for the grandboys—opps, I’ve a girl now—so it will be grandkids. My office awaits a wall of shelving to hold the boxes I have already organized. Dan is spraying lacquer so it will be installed this week. We also organized and established a plan for recycling magazines (a big source of clutter).

We had Cards here last night. I “shot the moon” (Pitch terminology) and made it. That was huge for me because I am a conservative player. Dan fired up the stove on the porch which always pleases me when we have guests. Something about a fire that warms hearts.

Kim, Marc, Aaron and Adam went to Polar Express. They thought it was excellent and their almost 3 and 5 year old also liked it. The family also gave The Incredibles a thumbs up.

The picture is of Aaron and Adam looking at Billy Bass. It scared Aaron when he was a baby so we hid it on the top shelf of the closet of our bedroom. Of course, at 5, he is no longer afraid, but every time he visits, we get it from that same top shelf. Then we hear “Take Me to the River” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” endlessly.

Actually, maybe Billy Bass has the best advice for the week ahead!