Thursday, November 11, 2004

Life with music

While working in the basement today, once again I had to stop and go through the old record albums. In the movie entitled High Fidelity, the character played by John Cusack was organizing his albums chronologically. What a great way to remember the past.

I purchased my first stereo in the mid 60s but couldn’t really afford to buy many albums until the early 70s. So, to start I have Peter Paul & Mary, Jan & Dean, Beetles, and an album that has to be one of Little Stevie Wonder’s first. From there I have Ann Murry, at least three John Denver and the same of Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell. I loved Neil Diamond (still do), Linda Ronstadt, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Eagles. I must have had a weird time because I have several albums each of Seals & Crofts and Janis Ian.

I have always enjoyed rock bands. Ozark Mountian Daredevils and Creedence Clearwater Revival were the southern rock favorites. Doobie Brothers, Electric Light Orchestra, and Dire Straits—excellent and I still am buying Mark Knopfler albums. Crosby Stills Nash & Young are better apart. There is the hair period of Boston and Foreigner—didn’t stay there long. ZZ Top is great for cleaning house, though.

Sting is timeless because his lyrics are wonderful. Currently I have Matchbox 20, Train & Radiohead . I like Dave Mathews Band, but was disappointed in the Chicago incident.

Tomorrow I will read this and wonder why I left something out that was probably my all time favorite. Guess the best way would be to do as John Cusack’s character and just get the albums out and arrange them in piles.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What is of value in a lifetime

Tomorrow is veteran's Day so no mail and no work--at least at the Post Office. I have big plans for here at home.

Kim and Aaron and Adam are visiting for a few days. At this point I should say that our two kids are very neat and organized. Also, my mother kept a beautiful home. So, I am kind of the odd ball here. Anyway, I was telling Kim about my plan to get my house organized. She immediately jumped in on the plan--which involved backing the truck up to the front door.

Part of my problem is both Dan's parents and my Dad have passed away within the past year and my Mom is in a full care facility. Many of their belongings have found their way to my house. These boxes must be sorted and organized until the whole family can make decisions.

The process of sorting is a study of that person or family's life. In the box of "Must Save" items are letters, journals, pictures, awards or diplomas, recipes, and maybe jewelry. In the box of "Maybe" are nice dishes, etc. As a lifetime of possessions are sorted, "value" seems to mean more about love than money.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Disorganized Clutter

It has been an interesting evening. After work I read my emails and checked in on my favorite blogs. Next I fixed supper and made a list for the evening. Then Paul, Janice and Alexa unexpectedly stopped by. We discussed the red & blue state controversy over coffee and cookies. My favorite way to spend an evening.

There is one huge problem I must address, though. My house is full of clutter and our card group is meeting here this weekend. This is not a new situation with me. I have tried to deal with this my whole life. I already know my epitaph--"I am finally organized" Being organized is such a simple thing for most people. I go to my friends houses and marvel how everything is in it's place. I come home with new resolve. It just never completely gets done.

I read in one of my books (I have at least three) on how to get organized that a person should never lay something down. Pick it up, put it away. I will sometimes put a CD player around my waist with some good old rock n' roll and do just that. Pick up and deal with it. The music helps.

I do have a theory about why I might have this clutter/disorganization problem. I think it has something to do with right & left brain. If I strap on that music, it keeps my right brain occupied so my organized left can take over--or visa versa--or whatever.

OK, it's 10:00 pm--I'm going to put on some music and give myself one hour to deal with the kitchen. I think I'll go with ZZ Top--maybe Creedence. I don't know, maybe a little ELO.

Happy Birthday, Kim!

It's a wonderful new day! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004

Carly Kay and her family Posted by Hello

What I am thankful for today and the rest of my life

My Family

I have a book entitled Attitudes of Gratitude with a sub title of How to Give and Receive Joy Every Day of Your Life by M J Ryan. It is a "bathroom" book in that the chapters are short and easy to read. While I read this book I kept a journal or list of special people or events in my life.

While these lists were easy to make, finding the words to express the joy and gratitude I feel with my family is difficult. My two children, their chosen mates and my grandboys are all very special each with their own personalities and abilities. Now, I have a wonderful new little girl to add to my joy and excitement. I don't know her unique personality and abilities yet, but I knew as soon as I saw her that her place in my heart fits perfectly with theirs.

We arrived in Colorado Springs in time to see Carly Kay on Saturday evening. Sunday she was able to come home from the hospital so we had some "holding" time then. We left this morning, but not before getting to marvel at the beauty and perfection and again shed a tear of joy for our new little granddaughter named
Carly Kay.