Saturday, October 23, 2004

Harly Day Willy led the parade They nearly covered the entire track when they all got in. Crazy loud Posted by Hello

Go Cats Posted by Hello

Two of my three favorite grandboys Posted by Hello

And Win We Did

It was a great game, beautiful weather. The pictures tell it all.


Thoughts while wondering if Tommy Lee will be marching with the Nebraska band tomorrow--

I thought I was nearly going to have a crow feast after my prediction that KSU would not be able to beat Oklahoma. It was within reach, however that is water under the bridge. Our Wildcats will win over Nebraska tomorrow in Manhattan.

There you go--

Thursday, October 21, 2004

What if the Hokey- Pokey is Really What's It's All About

Unfortunately, it isn't.

When I remove myself from the partisan campaign rhetoric being thrown our way in the media, even here on the internet, and try to look at our situation in the next four years, I feel we need stability in our government. I do not think this is the time for change.

War is never good. But, how do we weigh lives lost in war against lives lost in terrorist activities aimed at innocent children and their parents. We need to let the people who instigate these types of aggression against us know that it is not something we will tolerate. It seems to me that Bush has a plan in effect. Our troops in Iraq need to know we back the present plan and we want to get them out. I hope I can believe Bush when he says he has a plan (a word both sides use a lot) to do this.

Perhaps I am naive in my thinking, but at this time, I am basing my vote on this issue. To me a change in leadership at this point will send a message to our troops and the world that we do not, as a nation, stand behind what has been accomplished up to this point including the sacrifice of the lives of our citizens. There is still a job to be finished or at least ended and it is Bush's to do.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Still enjoying fall Posted by Hello

Wedding Dress

One more story about the farm sale. My mom always said Aunt Vi and Uncle Grant’s wedding was beautiful. They were married during the Holiday season. Her wedding dress was cream velvet, bridesmaids were blue velvet and she decorated with red flowers. There are pictures, but in the thirty’s they were black and white

The farm sale had progressed to the furniture and I was only half paying attention. Then I heard the auctioneer say, “this isn’t a blanket, it looks like a velvet dress.” They were just ready to sell a cedar chest and something was in the bottom of it. I immediately perked up. He had already started the bidding when I waved my hand. There was the lady antique dealer bidding against me. All of a sudden, Bonnie, the niece in charge of the sale, came running up and yelled, “This dress is not to be sold, it was not on the sale bill.” The bidding immediately stopped and they put it back in the box. Bonnie then turned to me and told me to take the dress. She said Aunt Vi would want me to have it. This was very touching and exciting for me.

This dress was totally hand done with covered buttons down the back. The train is at least six feet long and it is beautifully preserved velvet. I don’t know that I will keep it forever as I am sure the historical society would love to have it, but I am going to show it to all the children of Aunt Vi’s family. I am sure there are still brides who have the talent to create such a beautiful dress, but how many have the time. Sadly, generations have moved on and skills such as this are not as common.

There is a PS to this story. Bonnie said for me to take the dress, then said, “by the way, there is a bridesmaid dress in a storage box you should take also!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Bidder No. 16

Yesterday was Aunt Vi’s farm sale. It was mostly household items as most of the machinery sold several years ago after Uncle Grant died. They never had children so all of their beautiful things were set out on sawhorses and plywood to be picked up, felt and admired by family, neighbors and the always present antique dealers.

I immediately spotted a beautiful red glass vase. There were also several small little plates and bowls with roses that I thought were pretty. I wanted to buy something for myself, my daughter and daughter-in-law to remember Aunt Vi.

I had my number 16 ready when the bidding started. I bought a pan and water scoop for Ruth. Then two crock bowls also for Ruth. I watched a couple little music boxes sell that I wished I would have bid on. The auctioneer got off on some stuff that didn’t interest me so I dug in some boxes to see what was on the bottom. I found some beautiful hand work tea towels and pillowcases.

About that time the auctioneer picked up the hobnail and fluted red vase. Then I heard the word “Fenton” and I was afraid it would be out of my price range. Sure enough, it sold for over $150.00. I ended up with two little red bud vases that will look very nice with my other red glass so I am happy. Tomorrow I will tell about the wedding dress, rose plates and other delightful things.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back to Work to Rest from the Weekend

I will say this about my prediction—KSU played a very good game against OU and as a matter of fact, had a chance to win that game. In the end, OU was able to wear down our defense and slip in a couple key plays in the 4th. We yelled so much at the game I nearly lost my voice at the 40th reunion.

Speaking of the 40th, my classmates looked great and we enjoyed catching up. There was a lot of laughing and picture taking. Several come back from out of state—I think Mike from Georgia traveled the most miles. I won a prize for having the same color of hair as in high school! We stayed with Barb and Darrell so we had to sit up and talk even more after getting back to their house—1:30am!

Today was the auction of my Aunt Vi and Uncle Grant’s household items near Junction City. That is a story for another day.