Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dogs Don't Always Bite

I will preface this by saying about six years ago I was confronted by a Rottweiler on the mail route. He bit me so hard that I had stitches on both sides of my ankle. It was one of those once in a lifetime (hopefully) events that there are thoughts of maybe not making it. .

Today, I delivered a package at a house that had never had a dog problem. As I walked back from leaving the package on the front porch, a large Rottweiler appeared and started the bark-growl combination that breed of dog does so well. I immediately started talking to him in a soothing voice about what a nice person I was and what a wonderful and beautiful dog he was. He bought it because he let me get back to my truck.

Wow, I was a mess for a while after that one.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A hint of things to come Posted by Hello

Wednesday & Rolling

It was a beautiful day--temperature in the 70's and sunny. Some clouds have moved in. A little rain would be nice as it's dusty out there.

I thought this mailbox was particularly pretty today. The bush will eventually turn entirely red and then it is very beautiful.

There are no great thoughts coming to my mind right now, so maybe I need to end this. Especially after that crazy "dumping" one yesterday. Later

PS That sofa is still there--how about Bush & Kerry dummies on it?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Roadside seat Posted by Hello

Funny or Disgusting

After two days of driving around this dumped furniture, I decided to take a picture. There are two roads on my route that routinely get "dumped." Both originate near Topeka. My thought is that people put trash in the back of their vehicle and take off south. Trouble is, they think they are really "in the country" because I am sure it usually takes place at night. But it only seems that way because no one happens to live nearby.

What do they dump? There are always the tires, television sets and trash. What I can't understand is the bedding i.e. hideabeds and/or mattresses. Maybe people just can't get rid of them because no one wants a used sleeping arrangement.

I don't know who cleans up this collection. After several days it disappears. At any rate, I can't believe people can be so inconsiderate.

I will say that this one struck me funny, though, because it is right on the road. I wish I had a old stuffed doll--one of those outdoor kind-- that I could sit on it. You can see it from a paved heavily traveled road nearby. It might give some drivers a laugh---before they get mad.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Almost everybody is born a genius

and buried an idiot....

Charles Bukowski wrote this and other interesting quotes while scribbling on shirt cardboards during a two day drunk. This is not about Bukowski, maybe another time.

Last week Aaron and Adam were here for a few days with Kim. The previous weekend I visited with Trent. This quote came to mind because I am continually amazed at how much these little preschool boys know about life. They experience complete and total feelings of love, happiness, anger, sadness, hunger and boredom. It is their parents, and other adults who come in contact with them, job to teach them restraint and/or control. However, the pure emotions that these young children experience--usually accompanied with noise--are, from a grandmother's point of view, a joy to behold.

As Bukowski noted, is this the genius in all of us--the ability to completely and totally react? I don't agree that we are buried idiots--just not as smart as a two year old.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

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Dragging Digging and Hauling

----and I don't mean dirt.

Each fall and spring, I rotate the clothes in my drawers and closets. The newer homes have large walk-in closets with lots of shelves so all seasons can be stored in one place. This would be great but at least my seasonal transfer of clothing allows me to contemplate and evaluate. Kim says if I haven't worn something for a year--get rid of it. I have always had a hard time with that philosophy. I had compliments last winter on a crocheted top that I had saved from when Kim was in high school 15 years ago. Maybe the question should be--do I really like this enough to keep it another year even if I don't wear it

I am in a "get rid" mood today so I have the bed in the spare room filled with things to take to Good Will. I still couldn't part with the angora sweater I had my senior picture taken in 40 years ago or the two matching wool sweaters that Dan and I wore when we were dating. I looked very hard at a black and grey wool sweater of Kim's that I have always liked but it itches--decided I would give it one more year. I know one thing--if I don't quit eating and start walking, many of these decisions will be made for me.

So, maybe the best thing that came from my dragging, digging and hauling is that I have decided it is back to my exercise routine---tomorrow---10-4!