Thursday, September 16, 2004

Happy Birthday

I just got off the phone from talking to Doug. He turns 32 today and is climbing two 14ers and camping this weekend. He was getting his gear ready—he sounded excited.

The day Doug was born was warm, much like it was today. Over the years, it seems that after Doug’s birthday, it gets cooler, the days are noticeably shorter, and fall begins. We take down our Hummingbird feeder as well as clean off the garden near that date. It is interesting how birthdays bring life into focus.

We are headed out to the Springs to visit Doug, Drue & Trent next weekend. I will have to make a big deal out of singing and blowing out candles even though it’s belated. Moms are that way, I guess. Oh well, Trent will love it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Game Count

Not too many years ago the Kansas Fish and Game asked Rural Carriers to count game for a period of time each fall. Every carrier I knew enjoyed this immensely. I am not sure why they stopped doing it. At the time I believe the KF&G used those numbers to establish the population growth or decline of game.

Today I decided to count game on the route for old times sake. The results are as follows: 2 coveys of quail, 15 plus turkeys, Doves too numerous to count, 5 squirrels (if you count the road kill) and 0 rabbits---where are the bunnies? Maybe it’s the time of day I am out there. I didn’t see deer either, but they are definitely around. It just wasn’t their day.

Oh, I almost forgot—2 box turtles!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Thinking of Dad

The walnuts are starting to fall in a big way. Seeing them on the roads today got me to thinking about Dad and his yearly walnut gathering. About this time of year he would be out with his five gallon buckets picking them up in the yard & down around the lake. After they turned dark, he ran them through an old corn husker to remove the outer hull. Next, he would fill an old wringer washer tub full of water and agitate a tub full at a time to get the dark pieces off the outside. Then came the "technical" part. He would put them in his nut cracker just so & with the proper amount of pressure. Big, beautiful walnut meats would nearly fall out of the shell. He could spot the bad ones, but I also saw him taste just to make sure. He loved to eat walnuts.

I still have a few of his walnuts in my freezer. He gave each of us kids over a half gallon sack each year. He also had quart bags for all the grandkids and for friends and family that would stop by. Dad almost saw his 96th birthday and he always had a project. The black walnut project was one from which we all benefited and appreciated. There are a lot of people who think of Dad when they taste that distinctive flavor--I know I do. What a wonderful legacy

Monday, September 13, 2004

Baby, Turkeys & the Red Fox

I received an email today from Kim with the results of our family poll on Doug & Drue's baby. I have the earliest guess--November 21st (my brother's birthday) and Kim has the latest at November 30th. Marc guessed Nov. 24th, his birthday. There seems to be a consensus of it being a girl!

The animals are sensing fall & winter ahead and are out and about. I saw five turkeys today--actually I see turkeys about every day. It could be that I am seeing the same bunch. I had SHARE meeting tonight and saw a red fox on the way home. I think the Barn Swallows are taking off a few at a time. I dread the buzzards leaving--road kill will lay for days. Those ugly birds do a real service to the people on my mail route.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Love Those Weekends

I met Kim at TJ Max after work Friday. She, the boys and I did a little shopping. Kim spotted two pictures that look awesome in my livingroom. We had a good evening, mostly played with the boys & visited.

Saturday we attended KSU vs Fresno State. Wow, not a good game for the Cats. Enough about that........the pictures posted were taken while tailgating. Aaron shows some form on his kick--too bad you can't see his face! Adam was just being shy.

We scooted on over to visit Mom after the game. She looked good. From there we took off for Overbrook for a picnic with our Card group. It was good to have Rick there as the get together was our little memorial to Cindy. We joked & laughed a lot which felt like Cindy's spirit there with us. She had a wonderful lighted- hearted outlook on life.

Today Dan & I are continuing the house painting project. We primed the west side this morning and are set to give the front a second coat. Kim & Marc liked the color--Kim said she thinks it looks western--an interesting observation. Nope--no picture until it's done!

Got to pick up the clutter--Paul & Janice are coming for a short visit soon.


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