Monday, September 21, 2020

Persimmon Tree

 We have three wild persimmon trees in our pasture.  These were probably "planted" by wildlife eating fruit from a persimmon tree by a nearby home.  Just like any other fruit tree, the yield varies year to year.  Fruit on these trees have disappeared almost overnight when they ripen.  I am sure the squirrel and raccoon have something to do with that.  This year, however, they will be mighty full if they strip this tree and the other two near by.  

I've tried to make persimmon jelly in the past.  It wasn't as tasty as I had hoped.  So, the critters can have at it!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Dan's Hummingbirds

Anyone who sits at our dining room table during the summer gets a front-row seat to the hummingbird show.  They eat and battle each other to eat from sunup to sundown.  

This timelapse was taken in a two-hour timeframe.  Concentrate on the level of the sugar water.  We couldn't believe how fast it dropped in only two hours.  We think they are immigrating through right now so we have even more around.  

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fish Pond

Most evenings when we are home, Dan heads to the pond to feed the fish.   All he has to do is rev up his ATV engine and the cat fish come swimming to him.  I think I read someplace that fish can feel vibrations--can fish actually hear?  

Last evening was a clear, wind free evening.  It was time to finally get up my nerve to fly the DJI Phanton 4 drone owned by our neighbors.  They sent it home with me several weeks ago telling me to fly it just for fun.  Compared to my tiny DJI Mavic Mini, this drone is huge.  It went well.  I could tell by the quality of the camera footage, this is definitely a higher end drone.  It was also very responsive, so I apologize for the jerkiness.  On the downside, it is also loud--no stealthiness when flying this one.  

Still trying to make these videos interesting.  At two minutes, there is a fine line between seeing drone footage as interesting or boring.  

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Clinton Kansas Fox Family

As many of you know, the town of Clinton sits on a peninsula on Clinton Lake near Lawrence.  For several years, among the houses on the three short streets, a family of foxes thrive.  They move between the residents, playing, scavenging, and in some cases causing havoc.

Our friend, Irma invited us to come over for coffee and watch them play at a new six-inch driveway tube she and Ron installed.  Here are a couple things to watch for in the video.  At least one of the fox gets entirely inside the tube--remember only six-inch--which demonstrates how easily one could penetrate a chicken pen. Irma said she saw one of them emerge face first which means it came entirely through the tube!

Watch for momma arriving with some sort of food and one of the youngsters rushes over and grabs it and immediately it's gone.  No wonder she looks thin and haggard.

Last year we were driving through town and felt like we might have hit one of the tiny babies on the road.  We were never sure because it ran off the road.  There is a lot of traffic headed to the lake so probably it happens each year. 

This video is two minutes--a bit longer.  I'm learning each time I edit videos.  I think this one might be a bit better but still not as good as I would like.  If you have the internet ability, watch it in HD. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Will the Real Susan Stand Up

We've lived here in this pasture for 42 years and I'm not sure we've ever seen a crop of Blackeyed Susans as this year.  We wonder if it was the unusually wet summer last year.  The pasture is beautiful but hard to get a picture.  I'm not real happy with this video.  I tried three different times, but the tiny flowers are hard to capture. 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Milkweed Intrigue

You, my loyal readers, have probably noticed a change in direction on my blog, primarily to do with my recent fascination with video.

I don't know how long I will be stuck in posting videos here, but with a drone that takes fairly decent content (if I edit it right) and a new little gimbal for my beginner's level video camera I might be posting on here for a while.

So far, I have stuck to short videos of one to two minutes because of how long it takes me to edit footage.  If writing a blog takes time, it is nothing compared to editing video--for me anyway.  But, I haven't abandoned writing.  Just hoping you will stick with me through this phase--and hoping Dan will too!

Monday, April 06, 2020

Spring Fever For The Birds

The Buzzards are back and have been soaring all around the house since the middle of March--their usual time of arrival.  I’ve often wondered if they come back to the same place each year. This morning one soared right by our back window. It seems they are glad to be back and saying hello.  Dan has reservations on that theory.

It was a nice day so these Eagles were just out for a soar.  It’s such a joy to watch them catch the updrafts with their beautiful wingspan.    We are thinking they either have a nest or are working on one down by the river behind us.   The big Eagle nest over near the town of Clinton fell several years ago. The pair raised at least one baby before it got too big for the tree.  It is said the nests weigh around a ton.


The turkeys are back at it.  They are a little hard to see since most of the grass still needs to be burned.  This picture shows what we think are several hens on the left and on the right are probably Jake turkeys hoping for a little action but the Boss is in the middle is in charge. 

I think the pair of Collared Doves has finally made a nest.  They talked to each other endlessly. As do the Meadowlarks. For the Bluebirds, it’s just work, work, work.  They’ve got something going in the box. Definitely it's Spring and thankfully the birds are socializing.

Friday, April 03, 2020

This and That

The reason the bear was peeking over the sleeping bags in our livingroom a few posts back is because we removed just about everything in the RV for the remodel. All that gear ended up in the house longer than we thought. Finally the RV is finished as of yesterday.

We still have our old jack knife bed from the camper in the basement. (We would make someone a good deal) It is in good shape, although it probably could use new padding. A jack knife bed is a sofa. Then electrically via a small motor,  it lowers into a bed. It actually is a cool concept and there would be some who would wonder why we took it out. I hope we didn't make a mistake. Although we took the PW to Wichita for Adam's bowling tournament and were pleased with how our remodel worked out even though it wasn't finished.

I wrote about the new curtains. Here is a picture. I think they turned out well. The old drapes covered half the windows even when they were up. With these, the entire window will be open when they are removed.

The garden is in awesome shape. Dan used an old disk plow late last fall. Then, last week he ran over and around the area with a harrow. One problem, no seeds! I am going to call a nursery and see if we can do a drive by order to pickup seeds. After this cold spell, it will definitely be time to get the cool weather crops in the ground.  I like lettuce and spinach. I might plant four or five hills of potatoes.

I spent the day working on clearing off my desk. It isn't finished, but I can see a plan coming together.  I scanned in another batch of pre digital pictures. I usually do that when I'm putting off filing etc at my desk. I'll end with two pictures that make me shake my head. Talking about dangerous--the kids rode these three wheel ATVs all around our place and down in the valley. When these pictures were taken in the 1980's, the Wildlife and Parks allowed ATV riding in the valley--at least they didn't say anything to the kids. No helmet--I don't know what we were thinking.